Batchbook Gifts to All ‘A Procrastinator’s Guide to Holiday Mailings’

The sociable experts at Batchbook today released A Procrastinator’s Guide to Holiday Mailings. The Guide offers small businesses a roadmap through everything from sweater vest-clad team photos to iced brownies to quirky holiday videos sent via Twitter so they can quickly execute holiday greetings with personality.

Available to all immediately at, A Procrastinator’s Guide to Holiday Mailings outlines simple steps for holiday hold-outs who have put off organizing their December holiday greetings to clients, partners, vendors, prospects, friends and social media followers. Recognizing that small business owners face pressing priorities every day, the folks behind the social CRM Batchbook created this short guide with practical advice, inspired suggestions and project time estimates, including:

Beefing up your customer database
Identifying holiday greeting recipients (aka the “Nice” list)
Selecting options: gifts, cards and digital wishes
Printing cards with style
Personalizing e-greetings
Jazzing up social media salutations
Utilizing email services, postal mail and delivery companies
Looking to New Year’s mailing as a last resort for overdue greetings

“Being short on the time to organize and send holiday greetings does not equal a lack of sentiment,” said Pamela O’Hara, CEO and founder of Batchbook. “We all have our own harried, hectic lives, full of professional and personal responsibilities, so we wrote A Procrastinator’s Guide to Holiday Mailings to give companies hope. It can be a creative, fun and, dare we say, painless process to recognize those who contributed to your company’s success throughout the year and those with whom you hope to face the bright future of 2013. Hopefully, we can help other socially savvy small businesses like us welcome the New Year by spreading goodwill to all.”

Batchbook is also inviting business professionals to connect via their favorite social networks and contribute the spirited ways they share holiday cheer. All are welcome to add suggestions for greetings on the BatchBlog, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Pinterest. Anyone who shares ideas will get a free gift from Batchbook.

About Batchbook
Batchbook,, is a software company based in Providence, RI, founded in 2006. Their social CRM software is designed for small businesses and organizations. Batchbook provides an affordable, cloud-accessible solution that is easy to adopt as an individual or a team. Its feature set includes full contact details management, social integration, to-do list, advanced searching, list building and reporting. Batchbook takes a unique approach to contact management, encouraging users to maintain smaller lists, make more personal contact, and to build a culture of openness and teamwork.

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