VRingIT.com Announces Launch of Voice and SMS Broadcasting Services

Business customers are already lining up to take advantage of vRingIT.com’s innovative solutions to cost-effective marketing and lightning-fast communication.

IRVINE, CALIFORNIA, March 5, 2014 When it comes to streamlining business marketing and communication strategies, voice and SMS broadcasting services represent the future. With these cost-effective and innovative solutions, businesses are able to reach customers faster by sending important notifications, tracking conversion rates, and alerting clients to product launches.

Now vRingIT.com is pleased to announce the launch of their new voice and SMS broadcasting services, which represent a new era in advanced business technologies.

“Our customers are already enjoying the benefits of our voice and SMS broadcasting features,” says Kunal Mittal, President of Bingo Consulting LLC dba vRingIT. “Our text message marketing and voice broadcasting services are designed to give businesses of all sizes the ability to reach thousands of customers with minimal input of time and resources.”

“For our small business clients, it’s like operating a Fortune 500 marketing campaign – without the expense,” Mittal adds.

SMS and voice broadcasting are unique communication channels that harness the advertising potential of a client’s smartphone. With SMS marketing, business owners can design a simple 140-character text message, which can be sent out to a list of customers at a pre-determined time and date. vRingIT’s text message marketing services deliver a remarkable 98% open rate, meaning more customers will read a company’s campaign. vRingIT’s SMS broadcasting services include customer tracking, coupon creation, and region-based customization.

Voice broadcasting with vRingIT makes it possible for all businesses to communicate with customers in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Business owners can pre-record messages and choose a time and date for the message to be sent out. What’s more, business owners can send out billing reminders, promote new product launches, and even conduct surveys, all without investing considerable time and resources.

“In today’s modern workplace, business owners can’t afford to dial up each customer to conduct lengthy surveys or remind them to pay invoices,” Mittal points out. “Voice broadcasting represents the best of both worlds – it gives customers the attention they need without requiring a professional to take his or her time away from running the business.”

vRingIT’s voice broadcasting services also include the following features: text to speech applications, real-time call reports, answering machine detection, live call transfers, call forwarding, a supported Do-Not-Call list, and more.

To learn about vRingIT’s SMS and voice broadcasting services, visit www.vringit.com.

About vRingIT.com

vRingIT provides a powerful broadcasting platform that simplifies automated text and voice broadcasts for businesses of any size. Reaching your customers and clients with a personalized message is easy and just a few clicks away. Visit www.vringit.com to streamline your marketing and communications strategies.

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