Hiphop’s Masked & Anonymous Will Bring a New Face To The Music I

Bringing a new face to a faceless industry Masked & Anonymous is gearing up to give the game a face lift!

A MAJOR sound with an INDPEENDENT approach. MaskedAnonymous.Tumblr.Com

San Diego, California – 03/05/2013 – Once courted by every major label, & even said to be one of Jimmy Iovine’s favorite artist of all times is back as an Indy artist on his own Indy label.
After going thru the major label system ringer & realizing that he was unwilling to compromise his integrity along with creativity “Masked & Anonymous has decided to do things his way. With a brand new project on the way he has reinvented himself to adapt to todays technology, while maintaining the thought provoking word play, & knocking club records.

 “The streets have been mis lead into thinking its about killing or destroying our own” says M&A, so he’s taken it upon himself to step on the front line and defend the hiphop culture and get it back to the place it rightfully deserves. With guest appearances, shows, & interviews lined up from California to Texas, and across the mid-west “Masked & Anonymous” is set to take the game head on.

Be on the lookout for the upcoming release from Masked & Anonymous. If your a fan of lyrical content, great delivery, and high energy club bangers than this is the project you’ve been waiting on.

Please don’t hesitate for any interviews, appearances, performances, features or general inquiries. We look forward to speaking with. “Masked & Anonymous”

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