QuisLex Offers Big Corporations Innovative Solution for Legal Processes. Airing on Bloomberg Asia-Pacific on March 9, 2014

Legal Process Outsourcing Services Offered by QuisLex Frees Up Company’s Time for Other Projects

BOCA RATON, FL, March 6, 2014 —  David Klein, VP of Legal Services, and Phil Algieri, Director of Litigation Services at QuisLex, explain how their innovative firm offers affordable, legal solutions to local and off-shore companies in both corporate and litigation management.

QuisLex offers high-quality and cost-efficient legal solutions customized to fit the needs of any business, specializing in:

  • Corporate solutions, including contract management and M & A support
  • Litigation management, including complex document review, compliance and court proceedings

According to QuisLex founder, Ram Vasudervan, the whole idea of legal process outsourcing is to offer training in essential legal solutions to foreign lawyers. These lawyers, in turn, take on the responsibility of handling a corporation’s legal services. Once lawyers are familiarized with the complexity of U.S. laws and regulations, they help counsel companies ensnared in complicated legal friction.

Corporations that hire QuisLex and outsourcers like it benefit from having an outside firm bear the brunt of legal responsibility. Contract management, compliance laws and litigation all take up inordinate amounts of company time. By utilizing managed legal services, businesses are free to spend these countless hours in more productive ways.

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“The outsourcing of legal services is an ingenious idea,” says Haber. “Anything that frees up a company’s time to perform its primary responsibilities creates a win/win situation for everyone involved. We’re proud to showcase the innovative thinkers at Quislex.”

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The QuisLex feature story will be airing on Bloomberg Asia-Pacific  on March 9, 2014.

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