Money & You® Millionaire-Making Wealth Creation Program Returns to Southern California March 13-16th 2014

Acclaimed #1 Wealth Creation Entrepreneurial Program Has Created More Millionaires Than Any Other Program Since 1978

It’s list of graduates looks like the “Who’s Who of Worldwide Wealth Experts”.   More millionaires have been created from this program than any other worldwide…

What makes the Money & You® program so unique is its style of teaching – a unique learning environment – using its revolutionary “Excellerated Learning” that delivers more information in less time by teaching 65% of the time with situational games.  The debriefing is mostly done by the participants themselves and their experiences.  It also sets the standard regarding entertaining music, frequent breaks with abundant refreshments, and an environment that easily integrates 44 hours of superior entrepreneurial education.

The work is all based on the teachings of the great R. Buckminster Fuller, Georgi Lozanov, W. Edwards Deming and Ilya Pregogene. Most business people are not familiar with these notable inventors and creators of technology – and once their principles, tools and information is discovered and learned in Money & You®, one’s life takes a turn for an extraordinary experience.  

The program is not strictly about information and data, however – it begins by removing the fear of failure and past mistakes, offering participants a life-changing experience and breakthroughs in their businesses and personal lives.

With over 100,000 entrepreneurs / business people / educators / students/ graduates from more than 65 countries, and its unique feature of being able to visit/review any future Money & You® anywhere in the world in any language, allows one to become an “instant” Global Entrepreneur and engage in virtually unlimited networking possibilities, particularly in emerging countries such as China, Taiwan, Indonesia, and Brunei. With over 35,000 graduates alone in Singapore (and over 14,000 in Australia / 2000 in New Zealand) the program’s span in the Asia Pacific region is vast and includes many billionaires, including the likes of Huang Ming, the creator of the world’s leading Solar Valley:

M&Y is known as the “mother ship” of experiential business courses – with some grads like Tony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki, Harv Eker continuing to dessiminate the teachings and business techniques – with the frequently used Business Success Model – having become a standard.  Others like Paul Mitchell, Ben Cohen and Dr. Jannie Chen have applied the principles to their organizations that has become “the standard” for “churning out” socially-responsible entrepreneurs that are not only interested in having profitable organizations but also want to do good – and add value to their sphere of influence.    

Innumerable success stories abound:

* An antique car dealer grew his business by 30% and increased profits by 42% in the following year …

* A retail chain developed a new corporate culture and grew into a $300 million business with 72 company owned stores… and later become one of the top retail stores in Australia with over $4 billion traded…  

Money & You® was originally created in 1978 by entrepreneurs who had succeeded in the real estate business in San Francisco, yet felt that traditional education was ineffective at preparing people for the challenges of business, life, and handling money.

Convinced that there was a better way to teach people more information in less time, they researched the top business schools in the ‘70’s to find out what they were not teaching.  The results were alarming – not much different to today’s educational institutions.

Since 1979, the Excellerated Business School® for Entrepreneurs / Money & You® program has been under the leadership of Dame DC Cordova. a/

Her purpose: To Uplift Humanity’s Consciousness Through Business.

Her mission: To Transform Educational Systems Around the World and Eradicate Poverty and Hunger.

Every entrepreneur / business owner, young person (or person at any age) looking for a life of success, profits and extraordinary experiences can benefit from this experience.

Join this global network of social entrepreneurs that not only is making a difference, but also demonstrating through social proof that proven, business principles combined with consciousness-raising tools are the key to a world that can work for 100% of humanity.

With less than a week before new classes begin, act now, and enroll immediately!

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