Candy Crush Aid Updates with New Useful Guides and More Articles for Avid Gamers

Candy Crush Aid updates their website with new guides and more articles about the popular mobile game Candy Crush Saga. Candy Crush Saga is a widely played mobile app attracting 93 million active users daily.

Candy Crush Saga enthusiasts will be delighted to know that the resource website, Candy Crush Aid, has updated their content with new guides, articles and tips that can help in clearing the game. As more gamers are getting stuck at the newer levels, the recently added guides can provide some hints on how to beat the game for them to progress to the next. The guides detail the different elements in the level and the things to remember while playing the game. A walkthrough video is included for select levels to help gamers visualize the board scene during the game. Aside from guides and tips, Candy Crush Aid also added new articles on their website. One recently added article talks about earning extra lives in the game using Facebook. A critical part of the game is the number of lives that a player has.

A person is allowed to play as long as he has a “life” which is reduced every time he is unable to clear a level. Because one life point is renewed for every 30 minutes, many players are stuck waiting for a “life” to be restored. This moment is very frustrating to many avid gamers. To help them with this problem, the company shared some tips on how to earn extra lives using Facebook. Instead of waiting for 30 minutes for another life, a person can instantly earn one by means of request.  According to Candy Crush Aid, a person playing on Facebook can ask for a life from other friends playing the game. Request a life by simply clicking the “+” sign that appears at the pink heart section that shows the number of lives a player has left. The tip works as long as the other person accepts the request and sends a life in return.

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