21st Century Television Welcomes Renew Data To Discuss Helping Lawfirms

Legal practices often are forced to dedicate significant time and money to document reviews, but 21st Century Television welcomes Renew Data who believes they can help resolve this issue

BOCA RATON, FL, March 11, 2014 — Law firms consistently find that an extremely high cost has been associated with document review. They must employ large teams of people to go through the documents to determine which ones are relevant to the topic at hand, which can drain resources. Renew Data believes they have developed a solution.

The Renew Data feature story will be aired on CNBC on March 12, 2014. As representatives of Renew explained in their interview with 21st Century Television, other systems of determining the pertinent documents, such as predictive coding often fall short. For example, the coding often uses advanced algorithms that the lawyers themselves do not understand. This can cause problems if the attorneys are forced to explain the program to a judge.

The program developed by Renew works help pinpointing context and analyzing the words used to explain important concepts. There will be an initial run through that often eliminates more than half the documents. As the attorneys then go through the remaining documents, they are instructed to highlight the important language. The program then uses this language to identify more documents. It typically only takes a few hours to see which documents are important for the case, with significant fewer resources. They are so confident with the program that they even offer clients a customized guarantee at their initial consultation sessions.

As the vice president of programming, JL Haber, explained, “We feature companies like Renew on the program because they have shown such promise to be able to help our viewers in their professional lives.” Those interested in learning more about how this program can help attorneys and their firms should tune into the program and reach out and contact the company.

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