Oculus, Inc. Advanced Medical Diagnostic Tools To Air on CNBC – March 12, 2014

Oculus, Inc. advancements and uses

BOCA RATON, FL, March 11, 2014 — 21st Century Television will feature Oculus, Inc., a medical equipment company specializing in the anterior eye, in an upcoming segment of the show’s Health feature.  President and CEO of Oculus, Michael Wolber, is interviewed by 21st Century Television’s Jackie Bales.  Wolber discusses the importance of eye screening as it relates to proper treatments.  He states that the worst thing that a patient can do is conduct inadequate research.  Wolber goes on to say that, “These days there are several options, but not every option is suitable for every patient.” 

Ten years ago Oculus created the Oculus Pentacam, which enables doctors to see the entire anterior eye segment located in front of the vitreous humour.  The anterior eye segment is comprised of the cornea, iris, ciliary body, and lens.  The Oculus Pentacam allows doctors to conduct early screening for abnormalities that would make their patients candidates for refractive eye and cataract surgery.  The Oculus Pentacam also takes accurate cornea measurements and records comparable data that is housed in a searchable patient database.  This repository is a groundbreaking tool for doctors.  It allows them to compare their patient’s results with both normal and abnormal subjects.

About Oculus

Founded in Berlin in 1895, Oculus has worked to provide comprehensive eye care since its inception.  A family owned company, the executives have created a corporate culture that not only encourages employees to provide a quality product and personal support services, but also assists them in their life goals.  A concerted effort is made to extend the feeling of family to all employees. This business relationship has proven beneficial to many employees in its over 115 years of service. 21st Century Television, a forerunner in providing a media platform for businesses that create and innovate for a purpose, plans to air this segment with Oculus soon.  Vice President of Programming, JL Haber, is excited to showcase the company, stating that, “People should become more aware of their options and not just take the word of one physician.”  Oculus President and CEO echoes that sentiment.  He states, “It’s really important to talk to more than one physician and make sure they use the latest technology.”  With precise measurements corneal abnormalities can be found early, allowing time for treatment.

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