ESC Energy Systems, a Leader in the Biogas Fuel Industry to be Featured on 21st Century Television March 15, 2014

Biogas is a viable, renewable energy resource created mainly from wastewater treatment plant residue. ESC Energy Systems creates equipment that cleans the crude biogas and refines it into a viable energy source.

BOCA RATON, FL, March 12, 2014 –Vice President of Programming JL Haber is pleased to announce that 21st Century Television is going to feature ESC Energy Systems.  Haber stated, “They are an industry leader in the conversion of crude biogas to valuable fuel.  Their contribution to the biogas industry is invaluable”.

ESC Energy Systems will air on March 15, 2014 on the Fox Business Network (as paid programming)

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ESC Energy Systems as been around since 1977, but the company didn’t get started in the biogas conversion industry until 2003.  President and CEO of ESC Energy Systems Lowell Howard described the business ESC is involved in.  “Waste from mostly wastewater treatment plants is turned into a crude energy source, kind of like crude oil.   The energy source then undergoes refinement to be a viable source of energy and this is where ESC comes in.”

Vice President and CTO Jeffrey Wetzel explained, “We take the bad stuff out of biogas.  When it comes out of the digester, it is still crude.  We manufacture the equipment that is used to refine the biogas”.  The company sets up these systems for any business that needs to create refined biogas fuel.

Both Wetzel and Howard agree that biogas is an attractive energy source because it is free, it is everywhere and it is a renewable resource.

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