Tsimlyansk Wines Secures Distribution Deal With Legendary Brands, LLC In The U.S.A.

Tsimlyansk Wines was pleased to make the announcement that they had secured a distribution deal with Legendary Brands LLC, of Pittsburgh.

PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA, March 13, 2014, Legendary Brands LLC was pleased to make the announcement that they had secured an exclusive distribution deal with Tsimlyansk Wines. Tsimlyansk Wines is one of the leaders in the Russian alcohol market and the largest and oldest manufacturer of the sparkling wine of Don, successor and manufacturer of the first sparkling wine of Russia. Their wine selection is favored by wine connoisseurs all over the world for their distinct taste and bouquet, as is evident by their recent awards won at the New York Wine & Spirits Competition. Made of autochthonic grapes, such as Tsimlyansky Black, Plechinstick, Krasnotop Zolotovsky, combined with the well-known Chardonnay and Sauvignon. All grapes are grown in the companies private vineyards in the Tsimlyansk region. ZIMLA Sparkling wines will definitely be a new taste on the shelves of local stores.

“Our vineyards are in the north zone of industrial wine making in Russia”, said Chief of Tsimlyansk Wines export department, Askar Nadyrshin. The vines need coverage in the winter, because of the climate, but the advantage is that we do not need intensive chemical treatment in the period of maturation like other wines. The unique aspects such as the location and Tsimlyask Terrior can be compared with the best wine making zones of the world.”

Legendary Brands co-chair President, Kirill Faerovich, said: “We are pleased to exclusively introduce a new brand of Sparkling Wine “Zimla” to the US market. We have now completed all of the necessary steps, and beginning March 2014, we are ready to implement a completely new product in the U.S. to all connoisseurs of sparkling wine. ” He goes on to say; “We’re also looking to establish New Distributor partners in all 50 states. Pennsylvanian connoisseurs can expect to see Zimla in the shelves of PA “Wine & Spirit” stores as early as May. Our goal is to be on the shelves nationwide by September of this year! We have also presented our sparkling wines at the 2013 Word New York Wine Tasting Competition and won 5 awards! This year we will attend a number of shows and tasting competition throughout the U.S.”

Another co-chair President of Legendary Brands, Irina Pogrebchtchikov, said: “ZIMLA Sparkling Brut is our best seller! ZIMLA Rose Semi-Dry and ZIMLA Red Sweet are made with a blend of Tsimlyansky black, Plechistick, and Krosnotop zolotovsky. We also have a great single grape ZIMLA Sparkling Cabernet Sauvignon Brut, and ZIMLA Sparkling Saperavi Semi-Sweet wines. More labels are being approved now and can be expected to be seen on shelves soon.”

“We’re going to build ZIMLA here in Pennsylvania which will in turn bring jobs to the region. We look forward to hiring Sales and Support staff at our Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Headquarters. We are excited to build the ZIMLA brand here in the United States”, Irina said. “Last year in September, Pennsylvania Chamber of Commerce signed an agreement with the Rostov Region Chamber of Commerce to support trade relations between our two regions, and we’d like to view what we do here as progress between our countries. It is good to be an ambassador of something so tasteful and bubbly.”

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