Thor Media Reveals Secret on How to Beat the Infamous Candy Crush Saga Level 70

Thor Media Inc. reveals the secret of beating one of the most difficult levels in Cady Crush Saga. Candy Crush level 70 is considered to be one of the most frustrating and difficult level in the game by most players.

Huge fans of the popular Candy Crush Saga are united in saying that one of the most dreaded levels in the game is level 70. In online forums and normal discussions, the infamy of the level is brought up frequently. Many players agree that level 70 is the one of the hardest and most hated levels in the game. Because of the game’s limited lives, getting stuck to a single level is very frustrating and wasteful. The waiting time and difficulty is too much to bear that some players quit the game entirely. To help woeful players, Thor Media Inc. released a guide on their website on how to beat the infamous level.

The guide includes a walkthrough video of the level, tips on how to play the level, things to watch out for and essential stats. According to the guide, the key in winning the game lies in destroying the licorice cages. For every move spent on the game, eliminating the cages should be the utmost priority. It is also recommended to check for any special candies especially at the left hand side of the board. A portal at the bottom left will get the special candies across the right board. This could help in eliminating the jellies and clearing the game quickly. The guide also added that the best special candies are the horizontal stripes at the left board that will clear rows on the right when they are used.

Candy Crush level 70 is played in the eastern Bunny Hills. A player has a limit of 45 moves to clear the game. Its difficulty level is rated as very hard. In order to beat the level, the player must clear 28 jelly square and score 600000 points. Visit for more tips and guides in playing Candy crush Saga.

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