Oxagile Releases Infographic on the Software Development Cycle

The Software Development Life-Cycle
The Software Development Life Cycle [Infographic]

If you have ever wondered about the amount of work that goes into developing software, Oxagile has just published a new Software Development Infographic that covers the software development cycle quite thoroughly. The task would seem insurmountable at first glance. As Larry Putnam, pioneer in the field of software process modeling, says, “Software is the most complex undertaking ever attempted by the human race.”

However, like any other large and seemingly impossible undertaking, it is broken up into phases. The infographic covers the most commonly employed models and methodologies that make up the full circle of the software development cycle. Most of the models involve six basic stages of development; complex software is achieved through a systematic approach.

The first phase is the planning of the project where all the requirements are gathered for the undertaking and the scope of the development is analyzed. The second primary phase of software development is the implementation phase where the software engineers actually program most of the code. The third phase is the development phase, which is an integral part of the software development cycle. The majority of the testing of the software takes place in this stage. Defects are recognized for the most part in this stage and the resulting product is relatively bug-free.

Documenting is done in the fourth phase for the purposes of future maintenance and enhancement all the way through the course of its development. The fifth phase is the deployment of the software after it has been tested and approved for release. This stage may include installation, customization and usage training. The sixth and final phase is maintenance, which involves user feedback and making improvements to the code or the design of the software. It may include re-installation of the product, consultation and possible training.

See the infographic for detailed pictorials of the most common software development models. Most developers use one or a combination of them to get the big job done.

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