Yellow Pages United Presents Infographic on its Brands Transition to Online Classifieds

The Evolution of the Yellow Pages….From Print to PC!
The Evolution of the Yellow Pages….From Print to PC!

The Yellow Pages have been around almost as long as the telephone itself, which was invented in 1876. has just published a new Yellow Pages Infographic to remind everyone of that fact and to show that Yellow Pages United is ready to take business lookup well into the 21st century. Since before the advent of personal computers and the Internet, the Yellow Pages has been providing consumers and businesses with an accurate list of businesses in any local area from the biggest of big cities to the smallest of small towns… and out into the remotest areas.

From its humble beginnings in 1883 when the publisher ran out of white paper and had to use yellow instead, the brand “Yellow Pages” has been the go to directory for consumer and business needs. In 1886, Reuben H. Donnelly produced the first Yellow Pages directory that featured business numbers all categorized by the types of services or products provided.

Through out the 20th century the Yellow Pages had been associated with one of the largest companies on the planet, AT&T. Even after the breakup of the monopoly the Yellow Pages retained the listings of businesses large and small as well as the know how in keeping the listings up to date and accurate. With the advent of the World Wide Web the Yellow Pages has kept up with the times and transferred this know how into digital form.

With the growing popularity of mobile technologies the Yellow Pages is once again at the forefront of the latest changes. It is driving the changes and raising the bar for all of the smaller phone lookup companies and the envy of big name search-related services. The Yellow Pages has developed a multitude of new platforms ranging from the Web and mobile directories to iPad and iPhone apps.

However, the company has not forgotten its roots. According to research firm Simba Information, 422 million Yellow Pages directories in paper form were delivered to American doorsteps last year. See the infographic for more interesting Yellow Pages history, statistics and where the company is leading us in the future.

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