Do You Have a Case Releases New Infographic on Automobile Accidents in Australia

Automobile Accidents In Australia
Motor Vehicle Accidents in Australia: What Causes the Crash?

A new infographic brought to by Do You Have A Case points out the dangers of being human. Australia has some of the most lethal animals in the world such as crocodiles, Great White Sharks and the box jellyfish but the biggest threat to public safety is still negligent human beings. An automobile accident occurs somewhere in the world every 60 seconds.

In Australia alone each year, there are 1,700 people killed in road collisions; 22,000 people seriously injured in car crashes, requiring long-term care and treatment; 200,000 reported injuries involving motor vehicles; and 600,000 reported road crashes. The infographic lists the top 5 causes of automobile accidents in Australia.

The most common type of car crash on Australian roads are rear end accidents or nose-to-tail collisions. The cause of this type of accident is usually tailgating, when the negligent human being is following the person in front too closely. The person in front stops abruptly leaving little space or time for the driver of the second vehicle to react. This type of accident is totally preventable and only requires the second driver to follow at a greater distance. Tailgating is the number one cause of rear-end crashes in Australia and responsible for 8.36% of reported incidents.

Drinking and driving is the second highest cause of road collisions in Australia and unfortunately, 40% of fatal crashes involved alcohol and/or drug as a primary cause for collision. Negligent human beings that speed are the third highest danger to public safety and it is estimated 27% of fatal crashes in Australia are a result of speed or driving in a dangerous manner. Relatively new to the list of dangerous species on the roadway are humans that text and drive; they are the fourth highest cause of accidents.

Lastly, and much like the Great White Shark, are humans that are just too tired to drive. The Office of Road Safety states, “Fatigue is the silent killer on Western Australian roads and could be responsible for up to 30% of all road deaths. It is also thought to be responsible for a greater percentage of serious injury crashes, leaving many people with debilitating injuries for the rest of their lives.” See the infographic for more statistics on these deadly creatures of the roadway.

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