Data Analytics—Your Future Depends on it

The data analytics space offers the best job security for both short and long term employability.

Analytics is undoubtedly a weak area in most digital marketing campaigns or programs. The largest hiring gap and shortfall in talent in online marketing is in the analytics space, according to a recent study. Out of all the major companies surveyed in the study, 37% said that they desperately needed staff with analytics skills. If you are in the field of content marketing or online marketing your future looks rosy, but you want to be sure you are bringing the best data to bear on your projects. It would be prudent to improve your content planning skills, add strategically to your freelance stable and upgrade all your skills in general.

Beyond the boost to your social life, HBR has declared a career in data science to be the sexiest job of the century; job security is the top attraction to this field. Gartner, a highly regarded research firm, has estimated that within the next two years there will be 4.4 million big data jobs available. But only one third will be filled successfully. This is not too surprising since everything business seems to be drifting toward big data: campaign data, product data, performance data, mobile data, even data about how we track our data.

Two conclusions can be drawn from this… well, data. The first is that anyone working on a job related to the Internet, from content marketer to SEO can improve their employability by sharpening their data capabilities skills. Data skills will prove to be a huge asset to ensuring the success of your campaigns and making you indispensable to an organization. The second is that the ability to manage successful campaigns for agencies and brands will require strong data analysis both human and technological. Your ability to keep up or stay ahead of increasingly more sophisticated competition will be hindered or helped by your own sophistication and data capabilities.


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