LEGO Takes a Stand in Advertising to Children

The company pledges to act responsibly when marketing to children.

The LEGO Group, maker of the popular building blocks toys, has recently announced that it subscribes to the sixth Principle of UNICEF’s “Children’s Rights and Business Principles.” The company announced that it would only use advertising, marketing that support and respect children’s rights both online, and offline. Since children are the builders of tomorrow, the company sees their toys as educational and they will only use advertising and marketing as tools to inform parents and their children about LEGO products. The company will follow the principle in all physical settings, online formats and traditional media.

The LEGO YouTube channel receives more than 1 billion viewers each month, has over 25 million unique visits per day and 5 million children around the globe are members of the LEGO® Club. The company takes pride and acts responsibly when communicating with children. The inherent challenges are not lost on them, they strive to ensure child rights and safeties are protected. “We work actively to ensure that our marketing is conducted responsibly and lives up to the high expectations of children, parents and legislators,” the company states.

As children spend more and more time on the internet, children’s rights in online marketing need to be strictly adhered to. These young children see the Internet as a natural extension of the physical world. The boundaries between the two are hazy to them and this fact must not be taken advantage of. In fact, when used properly this medium of advertisement can be a strong educational tool that benefits children as well as the company. “Our ‘Marketing to Children Standard’ applies to all LEGO entities, including all third parties who work with us and use the LEGO brand,” states director David Hartz, external relations at LEGO.


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