Women in Pakistan are being Taught the Fine Art of Online Marketing

As a result of the training, thousand of women have started thriving home businesses.

Due to digital marketing training provided under the “Women Entrepreneurship Development Program,” 6,000 women entrepreneurs market their homemade products online in urban and rural areas of Pakistan. The program is offered by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) and began in 2011. The women are mostly from middle-income families and have been able to expand their home businesses using the Internet and the training they received. Before starting the program Asma Kamran, did not even know how to operate a computer, let alone access the Internet. Now she markets her homemade food products on social media.

“I used to scramble for keys on the keyboard as I typed or waited for my husband or children to come home to help me access the Internet,” Kamran says laughingly. Now her friends and family call her “master chef.” She initially started her small at home business selling homemade foods such as chutneys, kebabs and samosas to very limited clients under the name of “Mom’s Home Made.” She used to earn Rs30,000 per month but after taking the digital marketing and entrepreneur development courses, she earns around Rs70,000 per month. In a very short period, her digital marketing skills helped her achieve high profits. “My profits doubled just by using better packaging and marketing online,” she says.

There are serious challenges to women at institutional, enterprise and government levels in Pakistan. The “Women Entrepreneurship Development Program” was developed in response to these challenges. Providing women with the right environment and empowering them economically, the goal of the program is to make a big difference in their lives. The program aims to identify skill requirements, provide relevant training opportunities, enhance production capacities and develop market strategies as a means to achieve this goal.

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