Experts at LA Legal Inc., a Loan Mortgage Modification Company, are Brightening up the Holiday Season by Rescuing Homeowners from Foreclosure

LA Legal, Inc.’s team of experts specializing in mortgage loans are helping homeowners worry a little less this holiday season by providing loan modification solutions to prevent foreclosure. The Century City-based loan mortgage modification company is using its resources to reach homeowners in every state throughout the country who are seeking viable and affordable solutions to help them retain their homes.

Many homeowners have the ability to ward off foreclosure because they may be currently eligible for mortgage loan modifications, but are not aware of this option, according to LA Legal. Some homeowners do not realize the high interest rates they have been paying on home loans could be lowered. LA Legal consults with those who believe there are no solutions available to them and works with lenders on the homeowners’ behalf to negotiate rates to achieve Interest Rate and/or Principle Reduction. LA Legal communicates directly as an approved third-party Authorized Advocate Modification company with major lenders such as Bank of America, Chase and Wells Fargo, as well as small lending mortgage companies. LA Legal submits documents directly to executive officers and negotiates with lenders for the benefit of its clients, investors and property owners to help them obtain relief from current economic hardship.

“It is imperative for homeowners to understand that foreclosure should be their very last choice. There are options and alternatives to foreclosure that homeowners can take advantage of today to alleviate this stress during the holiday season,” said [Farshad Sinai, J.D., CEO and Founder of LA Legal. “Under the Home Affordable Modification Program, we are able to greatly reduce the monthly mortgage payments for those who qualify by lowering the interest rate and or the principle. We also specialize in short sales, which are a practical solution for some homeowners who require it,” he added.

According to LA Legal, since the $75 million dollar initiative, Homeowner Affordability and Sustainability Plan (HASP) was introduced by President Obama, homeowners have been given more flexibility when seeking assistance with their mortgage loans.

LA Legal is a very flexible loan mortgage modification company that provides services to homeowners in many states, not just California. It also provides free consultation and loan modification to homeowners, never charging up-front fees for the loan modification. For the convenience of clients, LA Legal’s staff is also fluent in English, Spanish and Farsi.

LA Legal has also extended itself to the Los Angeles community by reaching out with seminars hosted by its in-house attorneys and experienced, knowledgeable staff members, which are also free-of-charge to homeowners who would like to attend. More information about its upcoming seminars is available on LA Legal’s website at or by calling 310-LA-LEGAL (310-525-3425).

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NOTICE: LA LEGAL, Inc. does not operate as an Attorney’s office or a Law Firm. LA LEGAL, Inc. is a Loan Modification company. LA LEGAL, Inc. does not guarantee postponement of any foreclosure sale date. There are never any up-front fees associated with Loan Modification services. Any additional fees that are not related to Loan Modification may apply.

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