Naturel Collagen to Partner with Lina Diminno Professional Med Spa

April 1, 2014 – Ontario, Canada – Lina Diminno Professional Med Spa is now offering Naturel Collagen Canada’s products. For a limited time, new customers will receive 20% off their Intracel treatment by mentioning Naturel Collagen.

Naturel Collagen Canada and Lina Diminno Professional Med Spa are pleased to announce their joint partnership to distribute Natural Collagen products.   “This is an incredible opportunity for my company to distribute one of the most remarkable skin care products in the world,” say Lina Diminno, Founder of Lina Diminno Professional Med Spa.   “The unique Natural Collagen formula Q5-26 is a living, natural, pure, and biologically active protein. Naturel Collagen Canada offers a line of cutting-edge anti-aging skin care products which help to repair and improve skin as well as reduce wrinkles, scarring, acne, pigmentation and even stretch marks.”

“Our joint partnership will offer enhanced distribution and greater awareness of this incredible and unique product line,” says Jacqui Dunal, CEO of Naturel Collagen Canada.

Naturel Collagen’s cutting-edge anti-aging creams and skin care products use fish-based collagen which positively interacts with the human body. The line of products  includes:  Platinum, Silver and Graphite natural collagen gels; Face Toner, Face Exfoliator, Moisturizing Day Cream,  Regenerating Night Cream,   Eye Collagen Elixir, Pure Gold Mask, Slimming Serum and a nutricosmetic and dietary supplement – Colvita. 

When Naturel Collagen’s products are combined with state of the art skin care treatments, like Intracel, the results are phenomenal.  Intracel treatment is minimally invasive and it stimulates the skin with virtually no down time. It heats the deep dermis which causes stimulation of the deep elements of healthy skin such as collagen and elastin. When the treatment is combined with Natural Collagen products, it can dramatically improve almost any skin condition.   If you are looking for a natural solution to aging, the combination of Natural Collagen products and Intracel treatments can be a fantastic solution! 

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About Med Spa

Lina Diminno is a leading, accredited medical esthetician who has worked in the beauty industry for more than twenty years.  Lina is a certified clinical trainer for CMed Technologies Inc. She recently discovered the Natural Collagen product line and is amazed at the results.

Lina Diminno Professional Med Spa provides the most modern and effective skincare procedures and technologies. From her beginnings in 1994 as a cosmetologist, Lina is dedicated to stay ahead of the ever-evolving industry in skin care technology and provide maximum benefits to her clients.

Lina is the first Laser Technician to be featured on-air on CITY TV, City Pulse and the New VR.

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About Naturel Collagen

Naturel Collagen Canada offers a line of cutting-­edge anti-­aging creams and skin care products that use fish-based collagen; which interacts perfectly with the human body. Incorporating this collagen, developed through an entirely natural process, Naturel Collagen’s skin care products possess epidermal repair properties never before seen in products that have used synthetic and bovine-­based collagen.

 The amazing Natural Collagen formula Q5-26 line of skin care products came about in the 1990s when a team of scientists from the Institute of Chemistry in Gdansk, Poland was working on benefits beyond the field of cosmetology from collagen obtained from extracts of fish skins. The manufacturer,  Inventa Polish Technologies’, turning point, from a commercial point of view, was the development of a formula which could be stored and transported at room temperature without losing the triple helix and its most valuable properties.

The Natural Collagen formula Q5-26 is a living, biologically active protein, which

strives to unify with the fibers of the human proteins. This is the chance to make one of the oldest dreams of humankind – retaining youth – come true!

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