eGo Battery Introduces Safe Line of Starter Kits and Batteries for e-Cigs

eGo Battery
Electronic cigarettes likewise offer many health benefits for users reports eGo Battery

Electronic cigarettes offer many benefits, including the opportunity to improve one’s respiratory health by switching from tobacco products to these e-cigs. Another benefit which often goes unreported however is the decrease in fire risk associated with the switch to electronic cigarettes. Official fire statistics for the United Kingdom show that more than one-third of fire related deaths are related to cigarettes and lighters. As electronic cigarettes don’t require the use of a fire and don’t have a lit flame, this risk decreases significantly. For this reason, eGo Battery recommends every smoker purchase an electronic cigarette starter kit to try and make the switch from tobacco cigarettes to their electronic counterparts,” M Rose of eGo Battery declares.

Vaping offers many benefits over traditional tobacco cigarettes. Within eight hours of one’s last cigarette, excess carbon monoxide leaves the bloodstream. After a week, one’s sense of taste and smell improves, and, within five years, one’s risk of stroke decreases greatly. “Consider making the switch to an electronic cigarette as there are numerous health benefits of doing so,” Rose explains.

Numerous smokers attempt to quit every year and fail, often believing this is due to their addiction to nicotine. For many, however, it is now believed that the reason they fail is their hands have nothing to do. Some suggest those who fall into this category pick up a new hobby, one that engages the hands, yet this may not be the solution either.

“With an electronic cigarette, one not only gets the nicotine their body craves, but they also have a device which looks and feels like a conventional cigarette. The user vapes just as he or she would smoke a tobacco cigarette so the hands remain occupied. This alone may be all that is needed to help the person give up the tobacco habit for good and benefit from doing so in terms of their health,” Rose proclaims.

Electronic cigarettes appear in many ways similar to tobacco cigarettes, and users have the ability to make the device their own. Some opt to purchase a USB charger while others choose a wall version. Many find they wish to have an eGo carry case, and these are offered. “Choose the accessories which best meet one’s particular needs. Vaping is a personal experience, therefore one should purchase the tools and accessories they want and need to make it their own,” Rose points out.

About eGo Battery:

Founded in 2011, eGo Battery remains committed to offering the best electronic cigarettes available today. eGo cigarettes, formerly available only in the United States and mainland Europe, can now be purchased in the United Kingdom. All products have been tried and tested by staff members to ensure their quality, yet, if a problem does arise, the company backs all products they sell as the goal is to provide a great experience with each sale. eGo battery offers UK made, exclusive e-liquids and all orders are dispatched the same day. Starter kits begin at only £9.99. 

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