Tect Corp’s Dedication to Learning Sets the Bar High in Aerospace Technology

High-Quality, Cost-Efficient Components Define Tect Corp’s Competitive Edge

BOCA RATON FL , April 3, 2014 — Rob Cohen, CEO of Tect Corp, explains his company’s role in aerospace and industrial manufacturing, and his company’s dedication to hypervelocity on 21st Century Television.

Within the aerospace industry, Tect Corp provides both engine parts and air-frame components — better products at a more efficient cost. By utilizing the latest advancements in technology, Tect Corp engineers are able to produce lower-cost parts in less time without sacrificing quality — thus the term “hypervelocity” was coined.

Hypervelocity and Investment in the future are the names of the game at Tect Corp. Investing in technology, employee training and automation are the three major factors that consistently keep Tect Corp ahead of the pack.

According to Cohen, competition within the aerospace industry continues to grow. But thanks to the broad range of products and state-of-the-art diverse technology employed by Tect Corp engineers, maintaining momentum has been relatively simple for this privately owned company.

The Power Division at Tect Corp manufactures engine parts for a wide range of applications. The company’s dedication to automation helps make significant cuts to costs and production time.

With 11 locations across the United States and Mexico, Tect Corp continues to produce top-quality engine and air-frame structures at rock-bottom costs.

21st Century Television and J.L. Haber, Vice president of Programming, enjoy bringing you coverage of Tect Corp’s contributions to the aerospace and industrial sectors.

“Consistently finding better ways to produce top-notch work at a lower cost is an admirable trait in a corporation.” Says Haber. “We’re pleased to stand alongside CEO Rob Cohen and Tect Corp as they pioneer the future in engine and air-frame manufacturing.”

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