An Update on the Tigrent Learning Complaint Review

Tigrent and Tigrent Learning provide practical, top-notch training, resources, technology-based tools and expert mentoring in order to help customers gain the knowledge and understanding to boost their wealth creation goals. The Tigrent family, including, Tigrent Learning, has developed an innovative training model that equips people for investing (in real estate and financial instruments), entrepreneurship and personal financial freedom.

Tigrent’s satisfied and successful customers attribute their success to the insight gained through the Tigrent Learning courses, workshops and symposiums. As is common in any service organization, there are always some customers that can come away dissatisfied, feeling that what they were hoping for (often unrealistic) was not achieved. Tigrent has shown a very generous posture toward those who feel this way, and works hard to answer their concerns. As the company went through a careful Tigrent Learning Complaint Review, they uncovered some areas in their customer service and sales departments that they were able to improve and were thereby able to close those complaints.

Tigrent Learning is all about serving its customers. At Tigrent, the goal is to help customers accelerate in their own personal financial pursuits. Tigrent combines a team of trainers, mentors and coaches who possess practical, hands-on experience in their areas of expertise with a rigorous instructional design methodology to create rewarding customer experiences across the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada. Tigrent is committed to excellence, committed to providing the absolute best training and resources for its customers, and committed to resolving customer concerns or complaints as quickly and effectively as possible.

In their commitment to excellence in customer service, Tigrent has kept open the lines of communication, inviting any concerned customers to contact them directly at the Tigrent Cape Coral or Tigrent Learning Salt Lake City office in the U.S. It has been discovered that some inaccurate information has been circulated, and Tigrent invites all concerned parties to contact them directly, or visit or in order to get an accurate picture of Tigrent’s values, philosophy and commitment to Best Practices.

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