Public School Teacher Creates New Learning Game – “Bee Wordy” Establishes New Paradigm In Teaching Improved Vocabulary, Comprehension And Math Skills

Bee Wordy is a card game that encourages students to build words using common phonics blends and phonemes to earn points.

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, April 4, 2014, A Public School teacher had a vision to make phonics fun and engaging to students, after all, engaged students learn faster and earn higher grades. Her aim was to give her students a fun and interactive way to master essential reading skills. The Bee Wordy Game is the result of her passion to make learning easier. As word circulated about her new learning innovation, other teachers wanted to give it a try. The results achieved through the use of this new learning game were phenomenal, and now the Bee Wordy Game is available to the general public.

The Bee Wordy Game is simply a card game that encourages students to build words using common phonics blends and phonemes to earn points.The game is not difficult to learn or play, and while playing, students are also engaged in vocabulary building and math practice. This game is ideally suited for the classroom setting in schools. When used in centers, in small groups or as a whole group activity, Bee Wordy will reinforce those vital phonetic concepts and grow spelling, vocabulary and math skills in a fun, non-threatening way.

The versatility of this card game enables teachers to fit the needs of their students. As an example, if pressed for time, the rules can be changed so that the first player who scores a fixed number of points is declared the winner, rather than playing a full 12 rounds. The entire class can play Bee Wordy by dividing the class into six teams of two to six players, so everyone can participate. The game can also be customized by only playing with cards representing sounds they have covered in the class.

The company reports that with Bee Wordy, students are engaged in word building, and constantly pushing themselves to create larger, more valuable words. They are exploring the Dictionary to see if words do, in fact, exist, and using math skills to calculate points. Parents are discovering that this learning tool is a great way to spend quality time together with their kids, and see the smiles on their faces as they learn new words.

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