Interlux and AwlGrip Marine Paints Bring Color and Vitality to the Sport of Boating

AkzoNobel’s Interlux and AwlGrip Marine Paints Create Durable and Environmentally Friendly Finishes

BOCA RATON FL, April  6, 2014 — Fred Daoust, General Manager of Yacht Americas: AkzoNobel, discusses the challenges the marine industry faces in today’s economic culture. According to Daoust, there are three major hurdles the marine industry struggles to overcome in the 21st Century:

• Getting new people interested in the sport of boating.

• Battling the misconception that boating and marine activities are affordable only to the wealthy.

• Complying with stricter environmental regulations, which is where AkzoNobel enters the picture. AkzoNobel currently manufacturers two major brands of marine paint — Interlux and AwlGrip. Both offer a full range of marine paint products suitable for every boat from the smallest canoe to the most luxurious super-yacht. According to Joe Purtell, account executive at AkzoNobel, customers searching for marine paint are interested in two major factors:

• finding a company that stands by the products it manufactures, and

• obtaining an attractive end result — a paint job that’s durable, polished and professional-looking. AkzoNobel’s Interlux and AwlGrip paints fulfill both of these needs.

With an eye always on the environmental impact of their products, AkzoNobel produces extremely high-quality and long-lasting paints suitable for all your marine uses.

21st Century Television, along with Vice President of Programming, J.L. Haber, is happy to highlight Interlux and AwlGrip marine paints, as well as the company who puts them out there for the public’s convenience. “The Interlux and Awlgrip brands of marine paints produced by AkzoNobel bring color and life to the sport of boating, and we’re happy to feature them on our program today.” says Haber, “Boating is as much an American pastime as baseball and apple pie eating, and any corporation that strives to continually improve on the enjoyment of this sport is all right in our book.”

To learn more about Interlux please tune in to CNBC (as pd. prog.) on April 9, 2014 at 11:30pm PST.

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