Leaders from the Top Water Treatment Company, Layne Christiansen Tell How Their Methods Will Save the World’s Water Supply

21st Century Television to Present Interview with Layne Christensen Executives on April 16, 2014

BOCA RATON, FL – April 14, 2014:  21st Century Television is proud to announce the upcoming airing of an interview with Ron Thalacker and Russ Mack, two key executives at water treatment company, Layne Christensen. This interview is particularly important because of the growing scarcity of potable fresh water in the world, and the high incidents of large-scale droughts. Layne Christensen is a company on the cutting edge of water treatment and re-use technology and is in a better position than any other company in the world to do something about the planet’s water problems.

JL Haber, Vice-President of Programming at 21st Century Television, is especially pleased to be presenting the executives at Layne Christensen to our viewers. “Water scarcity is a real problem in the world,” he said recently. “It’s not just a third-world problem; it affects everyone, even here in the United States. The availability of clean water is shaping up to be one of this century’s biggest environmental issues. Layne Christensen has some really exciting technology available that can help significantly mitigate this problem for everyone.”

In the interview, Thalacker stresses the need for improvements in the conservation and re-use of water, citing the fact that even some areas of the United States are now suffering water shortages. In third-world countries, he says, getting to the available water and distributing it to the people are also big concerns. His company aims to solve these water issues wherever they exist in the world.

In an overview of what the company does, Mack discusses the fact that Layne Christensen has a water filtration membrane that removes both oil and grease from groundwater, something other companies in the industry cannot do. This, according to Mack, is one of the many things that make his company unique.

What also makes Layne Christensen unique is its focus on finding environmentally friendly ways to locate, extract, and distribute drinkable groundwater, while reducing the overall need for its use. The company has also been successful in turning 80 percent of wastewater into clean, drinkable water. The company does all of this while keeping costs low for its clients at the same time.

The mission of Layne Christensen is clear. It is out to save the world’s drinkable water supply through the most cutting-edge technologies. The upcoming interview with Thalaker and Mack explains exactly how this remarkable company intends to accomplish it.

The Layne feature story will air on CNBC (as pd. prog) on April 16, 2014 at 11:30pm PST.

For more information, visit www.layne.com

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