Veloxiti’s Intelligent Agent Takes Care of Big Data So You Don’t Have To

Artificial Intelligence Behind Veloxiti’s Intelligent Agent Sparks Unlimited Possibilities

BOCA RATON FL, April 14, 2014 —  Don Turner, President and CEO of Veloxiti, expands on his company’s role in providing artificial intelligence to military and other organizations.

The amount of information that bombards businesses daily is staggering. According to Turner, it would take an infinite number of hours to digest and act upon the big data that plagues the typical business. Unfortunately, infinite time is never an option. Especially in military applications — split-second decision-making comes with the job. That’s where Veloxiti’s Intelligent Agent comes into play.

Intelligent Agent consumes information, analyzes it, and makes informed decisions in a fraction of the time it would take a human being to do so. In military battles, this can mean the difference between life and death. In business applications, it saves time and manpower.

According to Turner, Veloxiti can typically have an intelligent agent up and running in your business in as little at 60 days. From this point, there’s a learning curve involved. Your agent must learn the ins and outs of your business before it can become an active, contributing member of your workforce. Depending upon the complexity of your industry, the time generally ranges between three and nine months.

Decision-making through artificial intelligence is the backbone of Veloxiti, and helping businesses streamline this process is their mission.

21st Century Television, including Vice President of Programming, J. L. Haber, happily brings you this ground-breaking information on Veloxiti and its role in the workplace.

“Veloxiti’s Intelligent Agent is the stuff of science fiction movies.” Stated Haber, “Seeing it put to beneficial use in the military and in the business world in general, is staggering. The possibilities that exist for this artificial intelligence boggles the mind. We feel privileged to play even a small role in furthering the mission of Veloxiti.”

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