Frequency Apps Patches Launched As A Revolutionary Weapon Against Exposure To Toxins

Numerous health conditions targeted and remedied via homeopathic infusion technology

The United States Environmental Protection Agency reports more than 70,000 chemical substances are routinely used around the world. These materials find their way into the human body via the air we breathe, foods and beverages we consume and through contact with our skin. Though exposure is typically minimal, a number of these contaminants build up due to overexposure and the body’s inability to eliminate them. Over time, accumulation of these toxins can lead to numerous illnesses and disrupt proper functioning of internal systems.

With these issues in mind, S. Petty of Frequency Apps has launched an innovative solution to combating the effects of unavoidable exposure to such elements. Petty explained, “Our Frequency Apps are patches applied to the left side of the body. They work on a highly advanced level through infusion technology. Each emits a specific frequency to target a particular system. Regardless of the issue at hand, our patches are an effective homeopathic alternative to traditional medications that also add more
chemicals to our bodies.”

Studies indicate countless components in the environment have the potential to interfere with the body’s performance. Despite purification efforts, numerous contaminants including pharmaceuticals and formaldehyde seep into public water supplies. Fruits and vegetables bear traces of pesticides and fungicides. Meats contain unnatural growth hormones; likewise, certain types of fish may hold minuscule amounts of waterborne toxins. Common household electronics such as computers, televisions and cell phones emit varying levels of radiation.

All these harmful factors can be ingested or absorbed into the body, hampering its functionality. The body’s systems are all interconnected; therefore, when one system is affected, normal functionality is hampered on all levels. The lymphatic system, largely responsible for maintaining health, attacks pathogens. In conjunction with the circulatory and digestive systems, hazardous substances are filtered out of the body and expelled. If any of these systems are out of balance, countless health issues can ensue. Headaches, joint pain, fatigue, allergies and weight gain can be aggravated.

Petty noted weight loss is one of the top reasons customers turn to Frequency Apps. One of the company’s most popular patches is embedded with the frequency of hCG. This patch is designed to work in unison with the highly successful Dr Simeons hCG diet plan. During this weight loss regimen, the hCG patch is used, instead of hCG injections, sublingual drops, or pellets to prevent the body from entering starvation mode during the implemented VLCD protocol. The hCG patch offers users freedom from painful hCG shots and the inconvenience of hCG drops or pellets. Each hCG patch is designed to bath the body in the hCG frequencies over a 72 hour period.

Concluded Petty, “We also offer complimentary products such as an Appetite Suppressant Patch and our Weight Loss Power up Patch, which helps our clients lose weight with garcinia cambogia. These patches work well with the hCG products or as stand-alone weight loss items. Of course, weight loss is not the only issue our customers find help with. We offer more than 40 different Bio Apps targeting various issues to help with pain management, detoxification, bio-identical hormone replacement and an array of other needs.”

About Frequency Apps:
Providing a safe and revolutionary alternative for the harmful elements in the environment and the negative health effects they cause, Frequency Apps creates patches that communicate with the systems of the body in a non-invasive manner to restore optimum health.

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