Flood Control Company, Progressive Innovations Devises Way to Mimic Sandbag Levees at a Fraction of the Time and Cost

Progressive Innovations Revolutionizes Flood- and Erosion-Control Methods

Boca Raton, FL, April 16, 2014 — Progressive Innovations offers modern solutions to your flood- and soil-erosion problems. Their Probagger 12, Quick Levee Builder and Instee Levee Builder have the potential to revolutionize the flood-control industry.

According to Kyle Sweningson, Progressive Innovation Production Commander and Chief Engineer, current flood-control methods are too time-consuming, costly and inefficient to be very effective. But Progressive Innovations aims to change all that with their specialized offerings:

  • Probagger 12: This sand-bag filler attaches easily to most skid loaders and is capable of filling bags 12 at a time, which translates into 100s of bags per hour. It’s a much more-efficient method than filling the bags by hand.
  • Instee Levee Builder: This stand-alone filler pipes sand and soil into instant, waterproof levees that are 18 inches high.
  • Quick Levee Builder: The Quick Levee Builder is capable of creating a levee that’s a whopping 42 inches high,      the equivalent of 10,000 sandbags.

Progressive Innovation’s flood- and erosion-control solutions are faster, easier and much more cost effective than traditional methods of filling and placing sandbags by hand. Municipalities can purchase the equipment outright or may hire the trained staff at Progressive Innovations to fill and install the barriers for them.

21st Century Television, along with Vice President of Programming, J.L. Haber, are pleased to bring you this latest in flood- and erosion-control solutions.

“Flooding is a major inconvenience to municipalities, as well as to home and business owners. Luckily, the solutions developed by Progressive Innovations address the problems involved with current flood-control methods.” Haber stated. “We’re proud to bring you coverage of this more-efficient system.”

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