Photographer Ellen Fisch Exhibits New Architectural Art Photography

Photographer Ellen Fisch is currently exhibiting new architectural/ art photographs at the Rockville Centre Library on Long Island, NY. The stunning black and white and sepia photographs are examples of Fisch’s capabilities in depicting a place so that the viewer feels an immediate kinship with the location. “I call these photographs placeprints because they call forth a strong sense of the place: its mood and its character” says Fisch. This is the photographer’s second exhibit that focuses on Rockville Centre’s diverse and beautiful architecture. “Everywhere you look there are wonderful examples of architecture in the village of Rockville Centre,” says Fisch.

Rockville Centre is located on Long Island’s South Shore. The village is about 3.4 miles in area, but in this charming place there are an enormous number of architectural styles. All manner of building materials, such as lime stone, brick, stucco, wood and other substances were employed to construct homes and commercial buildings that are visually appealing both singularly and when viewed as a community. Furthermore, these structures are ornamented with an equally diverse array of architectural details, such as stained glass, columns, planting urns, balustrades, and wrought iron railings. The community takes great pride in the beauty it presents to its residents and visitors.

The current focus of Photographer Ellen Fisch’s lens is to capture the diversity of Rockville Centre’s architecture, yet to show how well this mulitformity integrates into a companionable and marvelous architectural patchwork. “The homes and commercial buildings in Rockville Centre live harmoniously in great beauty,” says Fisch. “I feel a great sense of community and place here.”

Neighborhoods are a specialty that Ellen Fisch seeks to explore and appreciate through her photography. “When I was a child, I lived in a remarkable Brooklyn neighborhood,” recalls Fisch. “Borough Park was and remains a diverse place in every way, including its architecture.” During her youth, Fisch would explore her community, Brownie camera or sketch pad in hand. These outings initiated her love of architecture and architectural detail. Later, Fisch studied photography and architectural drawing in college. “The two disciplines forged a path for me in architectural/ art photography,” recalls Fisch. “I am fortunate to have recognized my passion early and to have pursued it.”

The people of Rockville Centre appreciate Ellen Fisch’s photography exhibition of their community. One resident remarked: “You give us timeless and exquisite images of our neighborhood with your photography exhibit.” Such accolades deeply gratify Fisch and fuel her desire to continue her architectural / art photographic work.

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