The Reasons Why Both Creation And Evolution Are Correct

The worldwide attention the recent debate between creationist Ken Ham and evolutionist Bill Nye received shows that the origins of humankind are a more contentious topic that ever before.

Shortly after the Ken Ham versus Bill Nye Creation debate, Magnus issued a press release explaining that both Creation and Evolution are correct. Yes, it’s a tough sell and it is easily disregarded as utter nonsense. It is only human that most people would wish to cling to their cherished beliefs. After all, how could billions of people be wrong?

But for those few who are still able to keep an open mind, here is the précis of this “new” Truth. Magnus invites you to examine the extensive proofs that he supplies from the Bible. They are all contained in the book “The Ordained Union between Creation and Evolution” You can obtain one from

The missing key, the link between Creation and Evolution is the answer to this question, “Who is Man?” The traditional answer to this pertinent question is incomplete at best. And our partial understanding lays the foundation for our current either/or viewpoint, when in fact, both are correct. In The Ordained Union, Magnus provides extensive proofs from, among others, the books of Genesis, Ecclesiastes, the Gospels, the Apostles and most especially Revelations.

A related and equally significant question is this. “Who created Man?” These are not trick questions because we may think we know the answers but we lack the deeper understanding of these truths.

Clarity in these matters will lead to conviction. If you are able to find the answers to these two fundamental questions from the Bible, then it will be clear to you that both Creation and Evolution are correct. If you can’t find them on your own, then you need to read his book. For a limited time only, he will even send you a copy if you request for it via email at

Since he’s willing to send you a copy at no upfront cost to you, there are no more excuses for us to keep expressing doubt at the magnificence that lies in The Omnipotence of The All Holy, All Powerful, All Mighty Creator of The Universe. Holiness belongs only to The Lord. He Alone is Holy! Not even the Archangels in the Divine Realm are holy.

Remember when it was “common knowledge” that the Earth was the center of the Universe? And it turned out the whole of mankind was wrong? Read about The Truth that will change the world.

Send Magnus an email if you want a free copy of the book!

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Magnus is bold enough to confidently predict that before the end of 2014, this epic battle between Creation and Evolution will come to an unexpected end. Creation and Evolution will be taught side by side in schools and colleges as correct. He believes both will be preached in churches and other places of worship worldwide.

Perhaps this is your chance to go down in history as one of the first people to read about this truth that will change the world in The Ordained Union between Creation and Evolution at

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