John Akhile, Sr. Launches And Announces Publication Of His Latest Book – “Unleashed: A New Paradigm of Trade With The World”

MADISON, WISCONSIN, April 22, 2014, John Akhile, Sr. is an entrepreneur, and no stranger to taking on and creating large-scale projects. His latest project can be described as nothing short of “monumental”. He has assigned himself the task of bringing trade with Africa into the 21st Century, taking advantage of the rich natural resources of both the land and its peoples. If his past performance is any indicator of what the future holds, it would be a safe bet that he can accomplish his goal. was created as a forum to spread his message and the logic behind his strategies. It is rich with informative articles, and offers an in-depth look into his blueprint for success. The site is a place where peoples of the world can interact and contribute their ideas and concepts to further the cause. The goal is to present an organized and logical approach to changing the existing modus operandi of both existing commercial interests and the bureaucracies of the various governments on the African continent. Further, the objective is to create an organization that will use market initiatives including literary works, innovative brokering services and social media to vigorously agitate the socio-economic-political sub-structure of African countries.

“Unleashed: A New Paradigm of Trade With The World” propounds answers to the issue of unnecessary poverty in African countries by suggesting specific tried and tested ideas and institutional structures that will enable sustainable economic development in every African country. During a recent press conference, its Author, John Akhile, Sr., very succinctly explained the purpose of the book: “Unleashed” is a treatise on the challenge of economic development of African countries that proffers specific initiatives for reversing the widely held negative prognosis for the countries of the continent. If the genie of ideas releases a formula that will begin transformational change in the economic prospects of the countries of Africa, it is safe to say that the accretive value will be felt not only by African countries but will in fact, reverberate throughout the world.”

He goes on to say: “The ideas in “Unleashed” can be implemented by any country and any government regardless of the prevailing financial condition, physical and population size, or material endowment of the country. There are specific ideas for transforming countries into a veritable magnet for entrepreneurship; by introducing business incentives, administrative reforms and vigorous information dissemination, that will make countries an ideal place to establish and conduct business for indigenes and foreigners alike.”

John Akhile, Sr., has proven himself a master wordsmith in penning a literary work that is both captivating and easy to read. His Mission is clearly described and invokes memories of great men like Andrew Carnegie and Henry Ford, changing the way people perceive business and industries. One can only hope that African Leaders will adopt what is presented in “Unleashed”, and usher in an era of prosperity that has eluded the peoples of the African Continent for so long.

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