Oklahoma City Storm Shelter & Safe Room Company Provides Tips to Help Consumers Choose the Right Tornado Shelter for Their Home and Family

Oklahoma City, Okla. – With severe storm season upon us, many Oklahoma homeowners are considering getting some kind of shelter installed to protect their families from future tornado outbreaks. However, with so many choices on the market today, many Oklahomans are not sure which type of shelter is best for their families. Tyler Doolittle, of Preferred Shelters in Oklahoma City, has a few tips for consumers to help them make the best choice.

Tornado shelters come in two main categories: above ground and below ground. The first decision consumers need to make is whether they want to be above or below the ground when a twister strikes.

There’s a commonly held belief that it always better to be underground during a tornado, however, according to Doolittle, that’s not always the case for all homeowners.

“Getting down into an underground storm shelter may not be ideal for the elderly, people with knee and back pain problems and those with other medical conditions,” said Doolittle. “For this group, an above-ground safe room is going to be the best choice.”

Doolittle also said that it’s a misconception that above ground safe rooms do not hold up against strong tornados as well as underground shelters. “After that devastating EF5 tornado hit Moore Oklahoma in May 2013, a team of researchers from Texas Tech University studied the performance of all of the existing storm shelters and safe rooms in the area,” said Doolittle. “The results showed that every safe room in the path of the tornado held up and saved the lives of those families inside.”

The next decision for homeowners is whether they want their shelter or safe room to be inside or outside of the home. “Shelters or safe rooms installed in a home after its initial construction will usually be placed in the garage,” said Doolittle. “This allows homeowners to get into their structure without having to worry about debris that might be flying through the air during a severe storm.”

When it comes to garage-installed shelters and safe rooms, there is one major benefit to going with the underground option. “With underground garage shelters, homeowners can usually still park their cars in the garage,” said Doolittle. “However, garage-installed safe rooms typically take up too much space in the garage and vehicles might have to be parked outside.”

Both types of shelters can also be installed outside of the home. According to Doolittle, many consumers fear getting stranded in a garage shelter or safe room. “If you’re in a garage shelter or safe room and a tornado strikes your home, your shelter door could get covered with debris and you could get stuck inside for hours waiting for someone to dig you out,” said Doolittle. “With an outside shelter or safe room installed in your yard or patio, this is much less of a concern.”

The final decision for consumers when choosing between an underground storm shelter and an above-ground safe room is price. Typically, the least expensive option is a garage-installed storm shelter and the most expensive choice is a steel safe room.

“The reason most homeowners go with underground garage shelters is because it fits their budget,” said Doolittle. “However many local banks have incredible loans for homeowners to buy storm shelters and safe rooms so I would definitely recommend consumers consider all factors before buying purely based on the cheapest price.”

About Tyler Doolittle
Tyler Doolittle is the co-owner of Preferred Shelters, LLC. He personally consults with homeowners on a daily basis to help them choose the right storm shelter or safe room to meet their specific family’s needs. With a background in business and a commitment to customer service, he keeps projects on time and in-scope. He can be reached at 405-702-1717.

About Preferred Shelters, LLC.
Preferred Shelters, LLC. is Oklahoma’s #1 choice for storm shelter and safe room installation. They offer a variety of shelters and safe rooms for both residential and commercial use. All storm shelters and safe rooms from Preferred Shelters are impact tested and come with a 10-year warranty against leaks and corrosion. If you are interested in getting a free estimate on a new storm shelter or safe room, contact Preferred Shelters today at 405-702-1717 or visit their website at http://preferredshelters.com.

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