Herman Woods & Associates Provides The Solution For Cash Strapped Americans – Lump-Sum Payouts Saving People From Financial Disaster

Many people are holding structured-settlements, annuities and other financial notes that can be turned into a cash windfall within days, helping people avoid foreclosure and auto repossessions.

METAIRIE, LOUISIANA, April 22, 2014, In these troubled times, many people are needlessly suffering through financial hardships. A financial windfall awaits those that are fortunate enough to hold a structured settlement, annuities, lottery notes, divorce settlements, real estate notes, and other financial instruments that can easily and quickly be converted into a lump-sum of cash to use as they see fit. Herman Woods & Associates reports that they have helped numerous individuals and companies to turn financial notes into quick cash.

Structured Settlements are court ordered income streams that are paid out over a period of time. Sometimes the holders of these settlement notes need fast cash. Very often they do not know that they can turn their note into a lump-sum of cash now, when they need it. It is not even necessary to sell the entire settlement, as they can take some cash now, and still retain monthly payments for the future. They may not have been lucky when they were injured, but they are lucky to own something that has great value now.

Families find themselves in need of cash to pay for college educations, medical bills, and to pay off debts. It has even been reported that some folks have started successful businesses by selling their settlement notes for quick cash. Many real-estate deals are dependent on the seller holding an Owner Financed Note. When the owner wants to bail-out of the Note, they can sell it for quick cash, no problem, according to a spokesperson from Herman Woods & Associates. Even in cases where the Plaintiff wins or settles litigation resulting in a Lawsuit Settlement, a Pre-Lawsuit Settlement Advance holds the key to quick cash-flow, without having to settle the case for a lesser amount just to get it over with.

Herman Woods & Associates even has a special program for Carry-Back Business Notes, which are promissory notes held be the seller of a business and payable by a new owner. These types of Notes can now also be converted into a lump-sum cash payout. Many lottery winners, or Casino jackpot winners, decide that they can’t wait so long for the cash payments to add-up, they need money now to pay bills, or take a vacation, or fix the roof. These folks are lucky to be able to have a financial instrument that can mean cash now, not later.

Very often, Inheritances are tied-up in Probate which can take quite some time to be released. Herman Woods & Associates has a program designed for Inheritance Advances for heirs or beneficiaries of pending inheritances of cash, securities, or other marketable liquid assets. In today’s changing times, many holders of Insurance Policies have in their hands the means to receive cash now, not as a Death Benefit, and have the option to use the cash for any number of reasons. Some people are using these funds to retrain themselves after having been laid-off of their job because of this tough economy.

For small auto dealers, finding suitable Loan Portfolio Financing in today’s economy can be an impossible task. At Herman Woods & Associates, their commercial finance desk works closely with multiple specialized auto finance providers which can assist small auto dealers in cashing out their sub-prime portfolios, establishing a line of credit for future sub-prime loans and leases, as well as establishing a Floor Plan Financing Facility for vehicles in the showroom and inventory. This program enables them to compete against larger dealers.

These and many other services are available through Herman Woods & Associates. The company offers a Free No Obligation Quote, just call: 888.906.5702

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