Exotic Dancers Win Big with Recent $12.97 Million Dollar Employment Lawsuit Settlement – Kiley Law Group Comments on Employee Rights

According to the VC Star*, a nation-wide class action lawsuit pursued on behalf of women working as exotic dancers resulted in a nearly $13 million settlement agreement. A federal court approved the settlement on behalf of an unknown number of dancers in over six states.

In addition to compensation for a number of alleged employment violations, the women who agreed to be class representatives of the lawsuit will also receive an “incentive award” for the time they spent on the case as well as the professional and personal risks they took when agreeing to sign on as class representatives.

The women involved claim to have earned around $500,000 per year in tips resulting from table and lap dances. According to the post, the dancers alleged that the majority of this money was given to their “clubs” to pay for expenses such as stage fees, disc jockeys, and other costs.

Tom Kiley, Massachusetts wage and hour lawyer, has been assisting plaintiffs for more than thirty years. “United States employees are lucky enough to work in a country that is committed to enforcing laws that protect employers from taking advantage of their employees. Whether you work at McDonalds or an adult nightclub, you have rights. Employers are going to have to take these laws seriously no matter what type of product they are producing,” said attorney Kiley.

According to statistics provided by the United States Department of Labor*, more than 197,000 employees received nearly $150 million in back wages for overtime violations in 2008. From 2001 to 2008, $1.4 billion dollars was recovered by the Employment Standard Administration’s Wage and Hour Division (WHD).

The dancers involved in the nationwide class action employment lawsuit were seeking compensation for back wages, tips, attorney’s fees, and damages. Those in California are reportedly entitled to more than 50% of the settlement after attorney fees and incentive awards are deducted. Those in Nevada will receive roughly 42.69% and claimants in Florida, Texas, Idaho, and Kentucky will receive nearly 7%.

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