Medical-China Instrument Company Now Brings Especially Designed Medical Air Mattress to Prevent Bed Sores

Patients who are forced to remain in bed for a longer time often face the problem of bed sores. But now China based Medical-China Instrument Co. Ltd introduces their new range of medical air mattresses, manufactured with an improved technology to help prevent bed sores.

Xiamen, China, April 25, 2014 – There could be several types of critical diseases or medical conditions when a patient could be forced to stay on the bed for a longer period of time. In such conditions, a patient can have greater chances of developing bedsores. Now, China based Medical China Instrument Company has come up with their new and improved quality medical air mattress that can help prevent bed sores, and can allow the desired level of comfort and support to the patients.

The scientists, at Medical-China Instrument Company, have designed anti-bedsore hospital air mattress that can fully prevent the occurrence of bedsores among the patients who stay in bed for a longer period of time. These mattresses come with the Pressure Pump and the Bubble Pad that can significantly prevent bed sores. After conducting a series of tests and receiving positive results, the company is now ready to deliver the mattresses to be used in hospitals and homes.

According to the company sources, the pressure pumps used in these mattresses regulate the pressure inside the low air loss mattress, and which eliminates the chances of getting the side-effects of remaining in bed for a longer period of time. The spokesperson maintains that their mattresses are becoming popular across the world for the best comfort and support it offers to the patients, minus any occurrence of bed sores. They have been shipping mattresses to a number of countries across the world, and they have partnerships with the leading shipping companies such as FedEx, DHL, UPS and others for on-time delivery of their products.

The company also specializes in the manufacturing of alternating air mattress that is remarkable for their pressure handling capabilities. These mattresses can effectively reduce the pressure, bringing pressure relief to different devices and machines. The company has a wide variety of air mattresses and air pumps that are technologically advanced and have a wide variety of usage in the modern times. Besides their air mattress to prevent bed sores, one can procure a host of useful products from them, and they have showcased their complete range of products on their website

About Medical-China Instrument Co. Ltd
Medical-China Instrument Company is a manufacturer and supplier of alternating pressure pumps and mattresses. Located in Xiamen, China, the company ships their products across the world, mainly to the European countries. They keep improving the product quality and service standards, and keep introducing new and technologically advanced products from time to time. All products are certificated by ISO13485, CE, and are developed as per the market demands.

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