Launches Revolutionary News Web Portal And Introduces A New Paradigm In Online News Reporting

Forget about those boring and confusing news sites, has a bold, fresh and innovative approach to make news more engaging.

ONTARIO, CANADA, April 28, 2014, Sometimes all it takes to make a good idea into a great idea is a fresh approach. Such is the case with, an innovative approach in online news sites. They incorporate a graphic depiction behind each news story on the home page. The site visitor can select from several categories, and can change the results that appear on the home page until he/she finds the story to pursue. This new web portal represents a departure from the traditional online news sites, and ushers in a new paradigm in the way news is presented online. pulls news stories from hundreds of sources around the world, ensuring diverse, new, and unexpected content all the time. Organizations, schools, businesses, and non-profits can even purchase their own customized versions of Newstica, displaying relevant news content to their specific audiences. The Newstica Team scours the Internet, searching hundreds of news sources to create a selection of stories to captivate and amaze everyone from avid to casual readers.

The Newstica Mission is to increase news readership, especially among young folks. Instead of walls of text, the site presents picture panels with headlines. Adding to that sense of fun, registered users can participate in news-related trivia challenges. As many as three news stories on each page will have associated trivia questions, indicated with a question mark. Registered users can also share and archive stories, block keywords, and search a vast catalog of news items.

The Newstica byline is “Different News Every Time”, as users will never see the same story twice. The “surprise” aspect of reporting the news gives users a real adrenaline rush, and they love it. The site has already created quite a buzz on the News Forums and Blogs, and Customer Testimonials attest to how much they love going to the site to check the latest news from around the world, and in their favorite category. The home page has a changing “News Ticker” along the upper part of the page, and there is a “button” at the bottom of the page for a “Quick Change” of the news stories presented.

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