Total Wellness Practical Advisor, Dr. Joy Ohayia, PhD Inspiring & Empowering People Worldwide!

Total Wellness Practical Advisor, Dr. Joy Ohayia, PhD
Inspiring and empowering people worldwide “Total Wellness Practical Advisor”, Dr. Joy Ohayia, PhD, author of Don’t Let “IT” Get You! An Empowering Health and Fitness Guide for Women is a pioneer in the field of health and wellness. Extremely passionate about health and wellness in all aspects of her life.

Dr. Joy strives to bring that same enthusiasm to others through her unique motivating approach, stressing balance across all wellness elements which provides comprehensive programs for private, corporate, and even virtual clients.

Her unique formula offers a “virtual approach” which presents as the first step, a free health assessment to anyone of any age and anywhere around the world! It’s a quick online survey that asks a series of questions about one’s current nutrition, physical activity, and psychological health. By simply filling it out and providing an email address, Dr. Joy will send the tools to set up an appointment with her to begin a personalized program to help individuals procure a state of mind, body, and physical well-being which is the essence to overall happiness.

Dr. Joy is certified by the American Fitness Professionals & Associates in the areas of weight management consulting, nutrition and wellness consulting, and personal training.

The Dr. Joy Show “Your Prescription For Total Wellness” airs on NYC cable channels on Mondays at 6pm.  Each 30-minute episode focuses on one of seven wellness elements: physical, mental, nutritional, social, financial, environmental and spiritual. The guests are specially selected experts that are informative, entertaining and empowering without drama, foul language or violence. She was also a guest on the renowned Dr. Steve show, which is aired in 17 domestic markets with over 20 million viewers.

Dr. Joy is well on her way to becoming a household name as she explodes all over the media! She has graced the covers of Tru Entertainment and Rock Thiz Magazines as well as being featured in Fine Success Magazine and Endee Magazine. You can look for her in upcoming issues of Social Lifestyle Magazine and the high fashion magazine Gladys. She has also done numerous national radio interviews. Don’t be surprised if you see her on network television with her own show in the future, she brings a lot to the table and has caught the eye of some producers. Dr. Joy is focused, driven and determined to make an impact on lives across the globe. The benefits of her teachings are priceless to individuals, families, and corporations.

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