Rip Off Reports Exposes Garcinia Cambogia Scams And Helps Users Bust The Myths

Rip Off Reports
Rip Off Reports has detailed several Garcinia Cambogia scams and published an editorial on how to tell the genuine high quality products apart from the phonies.

Garcinia Cambogia is one of the biggest selling dietary supplements on the internet. Garcinia Cambogia operates a fat busting triple-threat by suppressing appetite, increasing the metabolism and lowering the new fat absorbed, but only if HCA levels are at sixty percent and only if the extract has been created by a reputable source. Rip Off Reports has published a new editorial explaining that unfortunately, this is often not the case. The site explains the differences between quality and scam products and helps readers identify products worth investing in.

Rip Off Reports’ report states that fillers, binders and additional ingredients are tell-tale signs of scam products, and that auto billing subscriptions are definitely a red flag. Furthermore, companies claiming to be new are often fly-by-night scammers that will shut down after orders have been placed and pocket the money.

The site also helps people identify quality products, insisting users ensure products are made in the US and preferably in FDA approved facilities, that have been subjected to third party testing and come with a satisfaction guarantee. After undertaking their own investigation, they have recommended key suppliers proven to be legitimate. The site even includes details of their research methods so as to remain open to critique.

A spokesperson for Rip Off Reports explained, “We have worked hard to investigate this area after requests from our readers that had been burned by scammers. As such we have included in our results recommendations for approved companies that users can rely upon to buy their supplements. All are of great quality and value so there is no preferential treatment- it simply narrows the field and eliminates risk, allowing our users to buy from only quality suppliers. Because of the importance of these supplements, our editor Meredith personally oversaw the investigation to guarantee the information was of the very best quality. For consumers who want to learn more about our investigations we urge them to visit the website.”

About Rip Off Reports: Rip Off Reports is a site run by Meredith Blake, the Senior Investigator for Ripoff Reports and editor of the website. Being a healthy and active lifestyle expert, she has been an online consumer advocate for 8 years. Meredith has dedicated herself to consumer education and reports her findings about inferior and falsely advertised products to expose the scams and keep readers safe. For more information please visit:

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