Lazar Cartu Foundation Donates $620k to American Red Cross

This week, Lazar Cartu proved once again that he is a pinnacle person in society by making a private donation of $620k USD to the American Red Cross.  According to the organization, “Mr. Cartu’s donation will allow for us to continue our mission to deliver health, food, shelter and other relief services for people in need”.

With above 15 million active volunteers active in 187 nations, the American Red Cross positively responds to around 75,000 natural and man-made events such as tornados, floods, fires and other disasters annually – thus requires donations similar to those of Mr. Cartu’s to continue its mission.

Rachel Dorbada, head of public relations on behalf of the Lazar Cartu Foundation stated the focus of 2014 will be providing assistance to children in distress.

The Red Cross is particularly special to Cartu because of its reach and diversity. “The American Red Cross are always the first to arrive at any major catastrophe with a mission to preserve peace and order” said Mr. Cartu while explaining his commitment to the organization and their peaceful mission.  

“Entire countries around the globe depend on the Red Cross to deliver medical and food supplies, when a disaster occurs.  So you can imagine the costs – thus every pledge is important, whether it’s in the form of money or volunteer work.” said Cartu while asking individuals who desire to contribute navigate directly over to the American Red Cross website.”

According to Roy Young , a veteran fundraiser and social services activist on behalf of various non-profit organizations, “Lazar Cartu and his foundation activists have really made a positive difference for kids around the country. Nominating Lazar Cartu as ‘Man of the Year’ last winter came as no surprise”.

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