EmBraze Announces The Release of “Flappy’s Back” – Better Than The Original With Multiple Difficulty Levels

Available in the App Store for a Limited Time. Over 17,000 Five-Star Reviews

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA, May 4, 2014, One of the most popular Mobile Device Apps is back in the App Store for a limited time. Embraze has updated and re-released “Flappy’s Back” with additional features. The Multiple-Difficulty Levels gives this Free App more appeal to a wider base of game players, from beginners to advanced Flappy Bird addicts. If a player is ever stuck trying to beat their friend’s scores, they can 1-Up for an extra life.

“Flappy’s Back” features the most colorful birds ever seen on a Mobile App. Don’t be afraid to try the “Hard or Impossible Modes”, only experienced gamers can conquer these modes, up to the challenge? This is one App that can cause a lot of frustration as the player attempts to master the game. They may throw their iPhone at the wall, but then they can’t wait to pick it up and start playing again. This game has already created quite a buzz on the Gaming Forums and Blogs.

Many of the Downloads originate from word-of-mouth by friends telling friends that they have to try this crazy game. Players report that playing the game is great fun regardless of the score achieved. “Flappy’s Back” requires iOS 7.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. Optimized for iPhone 5.

Customer Testimonials have been pouring in, and show how much “Flappy’s Back” is loved by everyone. Take a look at what Kelsie has to say: “I think this game is amazing because if you rate this game with five stars, then you can get colorful and pretty birdies. I think you should rate this game with five stars because if you go on impossible mode, then the first two are regular like in Flappy Bird, and than the rest (I think) are moving up and down and I think that’s pretty cool (easy mode is easy, medium mode is kind of hard and kind of easy, hard mode is hard and impossible mode up and down except for two of em) so that’s why I think you should get this game, and if you liked it as much as I did, maybe rate it with 5 stars, but if you don’t like it that much, please don’t bother rating it at all because it will hurt the peoples feelings that made up this games feelings and nobody should have there feelings hurt, trust me it does not feel good to have your feelings hurt.(there geniuses, because I would be bored to death without this game).”

For complete information, please visit: Flappy’s Back ………..For A Limited Time

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