Select Energy Services Provides Innovative Water Solutions to Oil and Gas Industries

Strategic Water Management is the Name of the Game at Select Energy Services

Boca Raton FL, May 7, 2014 — The challenges faced by an oil-and-gas water solution company today include increased demand, meeting customer needs while maintaining a responsibility to the environment, and finding new and innovative ways to get water where it needs to be cost-effectively.

Enter Select Energy Services. According to CEO John Schmitz, his company functions as a specialist within the water management industry in the following ways:

• They know where the water is located.
• They know how best to move, contain and store it.
• They’re experts in recycling, re-treating and disposing of produced water in ways friendly to the environment.

This knowledge, combined with years of expertise in the field of strategic water management, makes Select Energy Services the go-to choice for gas and oil companies in need of water.

With today’s move toward horizontal, as opposed to vertical well-drilling, water is more important than ever. But finding the most cost-effective ways of getting this precious commodity where it’s most needed presents problems of its own. Luckily, Select Energy is there with innovative solutions that include overland pipe transfer as well as traditional trucking. Select Energy is there to see drilling companies through the entire life cycle of the well, and they’re strategically positioned throughout the lower 48 states to get water where it needs to be, timely and efficiently.

21st Century Television, and Vice President of Programing, J.L. Haber, are happy to bring you coverage of the efforts of Select Energy Services.

“Select Energy performs a vital service for the gas and oil industry, and it does so in a manner both efficient and environmentally friendly,” states Haber, “We’re always happy to highlight conscientious companies on our program. The team at Select Energy is experts in strategic water management, and we commend them for their efforts.”

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