JYM Supplements Releases “Shred JYM” – Creates New Paradigm In Weight-Loss Science

JYM appoints Bodybuilding.com as exclusive Worldwide Distributor. “Shred JYM” seen as a threat to the competition.

WESTLAKE VILLAGE, CALIFORNIA, May 8, 2014. Amongst the myriad of weight-loss formulas on the market, “Shred JYM” represents a second-generation formula that is going to be hard to beat. When researchers at JYM Supplements were creating the formula, they wanted to shake-up the weight-loss industry to its very core. Their new “Shred JYM” Formula is so revolutionary as to create a new paradigm in how the subject of weight-loss is approached. Every single ingredient in this formula is backed by scientific studies to be effective in weight-loss.

Most importantly of all, the “Shred JYM” Formula has a sufficient amount of each ingredient to actually provide a therapeutic effect. JYM doesn’t believe in hiding behind “Proprietary Formulas”, as do much of their competition. It is easy to print a label showing all kinds of fantastic ingredients, but what they don’t reveal is how much of each ingredient is actually used. The reason for this is simple… pure economics. It’s cheaper to use less of the more expensive ingredients, even if it equates to less results.

“Shred JYM” delivers 2,750mg of active ingredients in each dose. It was created to employ a 3-Stage Fat Burning System. The ingredients were carefully selected to increase the release of fat from the fat cells, help to carry more of the fat cells into the mitochondria, and increase the metabolic rate to burn-up more fat cells. The Caffeine and Synephrine in the formula will expedite the release of fat from the fat cells. Acetyl-L-carnitine will ramp-up the transport of fat cells into the mitochondria where they can be converted and used as energy.

“Shred JYM” will increase the Metabolic Rate so that there is a steady supply of energy throughout the day. The Mitochondria will be nourished and stimulated to convert those fat cells into ATP and used as energy. The EGCG from the Green Tea Extract, Capsaicin from the Capsimax® Cayenne pepper extract, Synephrine from Advantra Z®, Caffeine, and L-tyrosine all work to accelerate the activity of the mitochondria. It’s this three-step process that leads to long-term fat loss.

During a recent press conference, Jim Stoppani, PhD, CEO of JYM Supplements, had this to say: “When you’re ready to elevate your shred and torch some serious body fat, there are three things you need: a solid training program, like my Shortcut to Shred workouts; a solid diet, like my Shortcut to Shred nutrition plan; and a solid supplement regimen to supercharge the fat loss you’ve initiated through hard work and clean eating. Shred JYM is that entire supplement regimen in one fat-blasting formula. It’s a powerfully dosed, fully loaded fat-loss weapon built with six synergistic ingredients. It’s my personal fat-loss blend.”

For complete information, please visit: Shred JYM… Weight-Loss Made Easy

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