Global Habitat Resources, Inc. Enters into a Joint Venture to Acquire a Perlite Mine in California

San Diego, CA. May 27, 2014. Global Habitat Resources (GHR) announced today that the company has entered into a Joint Venture agreement with CAPERLITE, Inc., to acquire the largest Perlite mine in California. The mine is located on 340 acres of private property with mineral claims and patents from both county and the federal government. The mine has current mining permits although it has been dorm for the past three years. The company plans to re-start production within the next 90 days. Initially, the production of Perlite will be focused on the construction and the agriculture industries in the State of California.

Global Habitat Resources Inc. expects to produce raw processed Perlite for the cement, construction, masonry and agriculture industries and also expandable Perlite for the Industrial, Light weight Concrete, Insulation, Horticulture and Agriculture markets.

The company owns a Perlite mine in the State of Guerrero, Mexico and has been very active in researching the application of this green material in the masonry industry. It has developed plans to use Perlite in the manufacturing of its patented Incablock Construction Systems. (ICS) Perlite increases the R value of these unique building blocks to R 4.5. The ICS technology will be used in the construction of 4200 houses in Guerrero, Mexico.

Perlite is a green siliceous material that, while not possessing cementing properties, reacts chemically with the hydration of lime to produce a very dense, impermeable concrete. Perlite strengthens and improves and the concrete and offers a solution to environmentally deleterious conditions created by the manufacture of concrete.

Global Habitat Resources plans to market its products to the agriculture industry and will introduce their own brand of Perlite (“CAPERLITE”), as a water saving product. Raw Perlite has been tested in Europe, in the Middle East, Mexico and in South America, other countries as well. Perlite has been certified as a soil amendment in agriculture and horticultural applications. The test results from laboratories and the agriculture industry demonstrate the benefits of Perlite utilization in that this product provides 50% to 60% in water savings (from water leaching underground) while expanding the growth of plant root systems. Perlite is non-toxic to the environment, is easily applied and is the least expensive product in its field. It does not attract or retain salt, can be transported economically in large quantities, and reduces evaporation, percolation and runoff. It creates a thermal barrier which helps retain moisture.

GHR has initiated discussions with Union Pacific. The goal of these discussions is to establish a long term working relationship with this railroad company whereby Union Pacific would transport Perlite from the company operations in Mexico and in California. The company also plans to set up a staging area in Mojave, California where plans to build a kiln for Perlite expansion.

GHR is looking for strategic partners and investor for their expansion program,

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