CustomerCarePoint – Hudson Restoration Inc., ISpecialists use technology to hear Customer Voice

Customers want to be heard. But they want to be heard on their terms, at their convenience and when they have an issue. They actually have very little interest in your latest survey is what we are learning.

Steve Hudson (President) and Tony Strkalj (Vice President) are Property Loss Professionals who have built a solid reputation for fairness and integrity. Highly respected in the insurance restoration industry by contractors, adjusters and brokers they have become recognized as environmental remediation specialists dealing with commercial, industrial residential and heritage property restoration. Hudson’s philosophy of outstanding customer service prompted them to up their practice for customer engagement.  

Hudson Restoration has incorporated the online & mobile accessible CustomerCarePoint technology to put their customers in direct conversation with them. This online tool and strategy provides an additional link to hear the voice of the customer, directly. 

Surveys have been abandoned to focus instead on live input from customers, done at the convenience of the customer. Using a computer, laptop, tablet or smart phones a customer can connect and send input at the time and location of their choosing. Surveys ask an individual to take one’s personal time to provide input on a cross section of topics several of which might not relate to the specific issue of interest to the customer. The desired information was not coming via this strategy and so Hudson began to look to finding a better solution leading them to QuizzPoint Corporation. Hudson tailored to their specific needs onto the CustomerCarePoint platform. 

When a Hudson Restoration customer engages:

CustomerCarePoint via the Hudson Customer Feedback Centre hosted on their website the information goes directly to the Hudson service team member who is the appropriate responder. In emergency situations the notice goes instantly to a number of Hudson leadership team. The input goes directly to the Hudson responder’s phones & email. The customer also receives a message time stamping the receipt of their feedback at Hudson. They know they have been heard, they know the support process has started and Hudson is taking action.

Customer care is an organizational culture and focus, not just a “this quarter’s initiative” to Hudson says Tony Strkalj. “It is the essence of what we do, everyone on our team is committed to this goal,” adds Steve Hudson.

Managing Director of QuizzPoint Corporation developers of the CustomerCarePoint platform, Peter Curry notes, “We speak daily with business executives who want to know what customers think, want, need and expect. However they all struggle with an effective way to get a direct connection. They struggle with the process of incident follow up.” 

“Customers want to be heard. But they want to be heard on their terms, at their convenience and when they have an issue. They actually have very little interest in your latest survey is what we are learning,” contributed his partner Paul Anthony Bernard.

CustomerCarePoint looks to be a straightforward customer response tool, designed to give immediate awareness of specific customer issue(s) and the method to resolve them… quickly. It is about customer service and enhancement and most importantly… direct communication. It hosts an input side that lets the customer speak directly to you in their own words. And it has an admin side that lets you provide simple, direct follow up for effective customer care resolution.

What Steve Hudson appreciated about CustomerCarePoint is the ability to direct different types of customer feedback directly to the appropriate individual(s) responsible, with an efficient report/response side customizable for administration needs. All data is exportable for further analysis.

QuizzPoint Corporation has a CustomerCarePoint strategy that Hudson could tailor to get feedback going directly to their organizational responders live in real time. “That helps us a great deal,” noted Tony. 

With offices in the GTA & Golden Horseshoe, Hudson has become the exclusive service provider for BIOSWEEP TORONTO – a highly advanced form of decontamination technology developed by NASA for the shuttle program. Their highly skilled IICRC technicians are trained to deal with any kind of emergency including fire & water damage, odor control, mold and asbestos abatement. For repair or emergency needs 24/7 at 1-888-918-6855.

“If customer service is your number 1 priority, we add a valuable link and raise the bar over your competition,” Paul summarized QuizzPoint Corporation’s view of their latest technology. 

One can visit or may call directly in North America 1-800-910-4530

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