Andy Kremer Launches – The Only Site Dedicated To BMET Job Seekers

ClubHTM is the only Web Portal dedicated to the World of Medical Equipment Repair, featuring: Jobs, and in the near future – Education and Certification.

Madison, Wisconsin, May 30, 2014, Andy Kremer saw that there was a need for an all encompassing Web Portal to aid people in the search for a job in the Biomedical Equipment Repair field. Having spent many years in this field, he experienced first hand the frustration with conducting a job search. He felt that he could present a site that would be the solution, and was given birth. His vision for ClubHTM is that it will be a growing community and website dedicated to the three things in the World of Medical Equipment Repair: Jobs, Education, and Certification.

In the beginning, the site will specialize in establishing a database to help BMETs find a career. Presently, it is a full-time job just doing a job search, this website is to alleviate that problem. Of noteworthy mention is the fact that this is the only site dedicated to BMET job seekers. Whether a job seeker or a job recruiter, there is no fee involved. Andy says it’s pretty simple, if currently a job seeker, put in the info and upload the resume. If not currently seeking a job, but always open to possibilities, it’s a great idea to put in the info and upload the resume.

ClubHTM will cater to all types of positions within the Medical Equipment Repair field, including: Biomed, Biomed Tech, Biomed Engineer, BMET, BMET Tech, BMET Engineer, Clinical Inspector, Biomedical Equipment Technician, Medical Equipment Technician and more. Instead of entering a search for all of these job categories on each Job Search Site, such as, and, and others, just one-stop at ClubHTM will cover all of the bases.

During a recent interview, Andy had this to say: “By posting a job position here, instead of “letting the fish come to you”, you’re going to where the fish are. I truly hope ClubHTM makes life a little easier for all of us in the medical device business. Please don’t hesitate to give some feedback, so we can work together to make our profession a little better.”

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