Landacorp Pioneers the Way for Collaborative Communication Between Health Plans, Medical Providers and Members

Landacorp Works to Overcome Communication Barriers in Healthcare Plans

Boca Raton FL , May 31, 2014 — Landacorp strives to break down the problems that currently plague health care plans and turn them into workable solutions that benefit all parties involved. In this 21st Century Television feature story, Gerald Osband, Chief Medical Officer of Landacorp, speaks to the issues faced by doctors in navigating today’s complicated Affordable Care Act and describes the solutions his company offers. The Landacorp story will air on June 1, 2014 at 11:30am EST on Fox Business Network (as pd. prog).

Landacorp’s new software Suite, CareRadius, effectively closes the gaps that exist in medical care between health care companies, providers and members. CareRadius:

• helps increase productivity,
• provides better member outcomes,
• helps streamline patient care, and
• helps members and medical establishments meet the compliance requirements of individual healthcare plans.

Landacorp is dedicated to helping health plans better serve the members they support by making more information available across the board. This, in turn helps provide better, more pinpoint care — all while remaining cost-effective.

CareRadius helps solve the regulatory, legal, financial and data management problems experienced by major health plans — which, in turn, provides a healthier outcome for members.

21st Century Television, along with Vice President of Programming, J.L. Haber, happily bring you coverage of Landacorp. “Navigating the Affordable Care Act is a chore best left to the professionals, and that’s exactly who Landacorp is,” stated Haber. “This company has dissected the problems associated with affordable care, and is working to provide solutions that benefit everyone involved — from the doctor to the member to the health plan, and we stand behind that.”

To learn more, tune in to the Landacorp feature story on June 1, 2014 at 11:30am EST on Fox Business Network (as pd. prog)

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