Peace Anonymous Film Uses 12 Steps and Crowdfunding to Make the World Better

Is the world ready for rehab? This is the question begged by the Peace Anonymous – 12 Steps to Peace project. The 12 Steps to Peace is exactly what you think it is! Based on the successful philosophy and teachings of all “12 step” programs – made famous from helping millions via Alcoholics Anonymous (AA).

Author turned filmmaker (Johnny F) has a background in conflict resolution and has spent the past 20 years working in war-stricken places like Yemen, Afghanistan, Iraq and Columbia. His new Peace Anonymous film documentary project explores the concept that war is a ‘for profit’ venture. It also questions if war has become a profit centre for America while offering a solution; a 12 step program geared towards peace. As the video trailer on his Indiegogo site outlines, “What we need is a road map. A process we can all agree on regardless of religion, regardless of economic background.”

Speaking from the heart in his Indiegogo campaign video the producer comments on how much mothers (and their children) in Afghanistan and other war-stricken regions are exactly the same as mothers in the US, Canada, Columbia, and the UK (yet we are told how different we are). He also reflects on why our seemingly universal yearning for peace hasn’t taken hold.  

That is where the new Peace Anonymous documentary comes in. “We want to bring you the stories of those whose lives have been decimated by America’s wars for profit, so you can see the proof of the insanity caused by those addicted to war, and we wish to illustrate how millions have found peace, as a result of these Steps.” The 12 Steps to Peace concept is simple. It follows decades-long proven successes at breaking the cycle of addiction. The concept is that “together we can create change…” As the author puts it, we need a global community to change. That is where this Crowdfunding Indiegogo campaign comes in. We now live in a global community. Does it not make sense to have a process for change which is capable of bringing all of mankind together? … A process flexible enough to provide the freedom for us to be individuals, while at the same time, respectfully allowing us to maintain our cultural and ethnic beliefs?”

Donations cover production and associated travel and insurance costs. Great perks are waiting at very low entry points. This is a chance to change the world and yourself for good, and to help the intertwined global community on a journey from war to peace. For $5 you can have an e-copy of Peace Anonymous – The 12 Steps to Peace book. There are also DVDs, autographed books and lots more. For just $25 you can have a signed copy of the book. If you need a gripping speaker at a special event, another perk is booking Johnny F for $1,000. Consider giving peace to friends and family with funky t-shirts, bumper stickers, even the chance to be a VIP at the film opening. 

Can’t donate?  You can still spread peace. Just share the Peace Anonymous Film Project campaign links and encourage friends to follow them on Facebook.

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