New Research Data Shows That Vitamin D3 Helps Prevent Falls After A Stroke

Effective fall prevention has the potential to prevent injury, improve quality of life, and decrease the likelihood of subsequent fear of falling and activity restriction. The aim of this project was to review the research evidence relating to interventions that reduce falls after a stroke.

SARASOTA, FLORIDA, June 6, 2014. A project was mounted to examine in detail what types of interventions would be effective in reducing the amount of Falls that Stroke Victims experience. This is an area that has not been fully explored, but it has been noted that certain interventions can reduce falls in the Elderly. The results of this meta analysis were published in July of 2010, and showed that: “Only Vitamin D3 Helped Prevent Falls After A Stroke”. The study was performed by a group of Universities in Australia.

Omega Soul Research has been spreading the word about the fact that Vitamin D3 has been proven to be a critical substance for optimum wellness, and has already been proven to benefit many conditions. Current research into Falls by Stroke Victims coincides with other issues of risk pointing to the Elderly population. They are especially at risk of Vitamin D3 deficiency while at the same time being at risk for Strokes. This is no secret to the medical community, who agrees that Vitamin D3 deficiency is at epidemic proportions.

The response of Omega Soul Research to this situation was to create the highest quality Vitamin D3 Supplement on the market. The team at Omega Soul recently released a second-generation Vitamin D3 Formula, with 5,000IU of high quality Vitamin D3. The formula is in the form of a Soft Gel in a medium of Olive Oil, producing a very high rate of absorption. The efficacy of Vitamin D3 in wellness should not be taken lightly. It is important in: The Clotting of Blood, Cardiac & Muscle Function, Bone & Teeth Mineral Density, Intestinal Cell Regeneration, Regulation of Calcium & Phosphorus, and enhances immune function.

The need for supplemental Vit.D3 is backed by many clinical studies, and will help to avoid: Rickets, Soft Bones and Teeth, Cramps & Diarrhea, Hormone Imbalance, Insomnia, Anxiety, and more. Omega Soul Research’s Vitamin D3 Formula provides ample dosage in order to have a therapeutic effect.

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