Get PEYD and Get Going: PEYD Travel is Open for Business

Wondering how to turn those accumulating credit card points into that much needed summer getaway? Trying to tighten up your company’s travel expenses and increase your bottom line? The company that made it easy to maximize those unused credit cards points has now expanded its menu of concierge services to help get you wherever you need to be. Get PEYD, the credit card reward and consultation company, has now launched PEYD Travel, a premier airline & hotel reservation service.

Started by four friends Pinny Ackerman, Eli Schreiber, Yaakov Portnoy and Dudi Akerman whose initials inspired the company name, PEYD has helped people best utilize their credit cards rewards for the things they really need. They help consumers spend wisely by evaluating their lifestyle and financial needs. Whether for tuition or home improvements, Get PEYD helps you use or convert the rewards in a way that make the most financial sense.

They can even purchase your points, whether they are airlines miles, hotel or any other points program, thereby leaving you with complete flexibility in your rewards. They also assist businesses and individuals in choosing the credit cards best suited for their needs and goals for the long term. “We care about helping our customers get the most out of their miles and points. We understand how important every dollar is and when we provide our credit card reward redemption services, we make sure that at the same time, our customers are familiar with the many options available to them to help them increase their bottom line,” says Moshe Fried, one of the members of the PEYD team.

Since 2011, the specialists at Get PEYD have been advising clients on how to maximize their credit card rewards. Working with both individuals and corporate clients, Get PEYD helps redeem, buy and sell points and miles for cash and travel. They are now using that travel savvy to further help consumers. The numerous travel sites, mileage options and price structures can be overwhelming, and the newly expanded PEYD Travel department can simplify these complex itineraries while still maintaining the best value for the customer. Using their experience in rewards travel, they are better able to research and book the desired and often unavailable flights, and get people where they need to go quickly and efficiently.

Discounted Business and First Class, and Last Minute Domestic Coach

 The PEYD Travel department will focus on providing corporate and business travelers with great deals on business and first class flights, and many last minute domestic options as well, while providing personal travel specialists to assist with all travel needs from start to finish. The service is geared towards companies of any size, those who travel regularly as well as sole proprietors and individuals who need to fly even on short notice. With the help of PEYD Travel, a last minute meeting, impromptu celebration or family emergency can be facilitated smoothly and economically.

“So often we hear from our customers that the flights and itineraries they require are either unavailable, way too expensive or that they are unfamiliar with all the different flights and options available to them to get them where they need to go. At PEYD Travel, business and personal travel is our specialty, and we are happy to offer this new service to the general public,” says Pinny Ackerman.

Pay With Points for…Anything!

Whether you are dreaming of visiting your daughter in seminary, going to Israel for your nephew’s Bar Mitzvah, or booking a private kosher villa to vacation in Miami Beach, you are coming to the right place. Get PEYD is pleased to offer a service that allows customers to bundle all of their points and miles to book trips, to go towards flights, apartments, maid service, catering and more.

Partnering with two exceptional vacation rental companies, Florida Kosher Villas of North Miami and Rentals of Distinction in Jerusalem, allows customers to use their own miles and points to pay for vacation they desire.

“Having the option to use their own miles and points and minimize or even completely eliminate their out of pocket expense is something we are happy to offer our customers, and we are proud to be partnering with two great companies whose reputation stands for themselves,” says Eli Schreiber.

Credit Card Rewards and Travel Concierge!

The guys at Get PEYD take pride inknowing the details and advantages ofpromotional offers so that they can passon the advice to their customers. They evaluate the plans and consult their clients on how to receive the biggest return on their purchasing. At PEYD Travel, they will be offering advice as to the best travel programs to maximize the value for their employees’ business travel; they will even review companies’ overall travel expenses to see if they can reduce the overall expenditure.

Get PEYD also works with companies on how to maximize their bottom line in other ways. When companies advertise on Google for example, simply charging that on an American Express Gold card can earn double the points. This is just one of the many insider tips that the guys at PEYD have made it their mission to know. They have worked with customers throughout the United States, Canada, England, Israel, and beyond. Their roster of clients includes local small businesses and Madison Avenue corporations.

Their specialized niche and unique concept, whereby the customer gets paid for their product, is just one of the basic elements that keep the company growing. Their unique mix of talent and personalities combine to infuse every endeavor with passion and professionalism. They have a large network of clients and they believe in making a personal connection in order to serve each one’s needs.

Always business-minded but civic minded as well, Get PEYD is dedicated to building its community presence as well. The company ran a seminar on the credit cards rewards industry, with proceeds to going towards the Levi Yitzchak Library of the Five Towns. Get PEYD was also a corporate sponsor of a recent Priority-1 event to benefit at risk teens, the Annual Sephardic Bikur Holim Golf Tournament, and the team looks forward to becoming even more involved in community needs.

Pinny, Eli, Yaakov and Dudi are always planning for the next way to help people spend wisely and save money, and of course, getting you PEYD.

For more information, contact their office at 646-801-7393,, or

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