Fun, Engaging Children’s Book Stinky Robots is a Labor of Love that Teaches Important Lessons

Few children’s books in recent memory have gripped the imaginations of young readers like the latest creation from father and son team, Matt and Elijah from Bolinas, California. Stinky Robots is the product of an international collaboration of artists, musicians, design artists and writers hailing from Canada, Russia, Argentina, and many other countries. The outstanding artistry and creativity of Stinky Robots has already captured the attention of major publishers and critics, but Matt and Elijah are eager to get their passion project published so that the whole world can enjoy it.

The story of Stinky Robots revolves around two groups of robots, Stinky Robots and FutuRobots. The FutuRobots are sleek and cool, while Stinky Robots are older and pretty outdated. A major crisis occurs, the world is attacked by an Electronic Magnetic Pulse attack (EMP) disabling the FutuRobots (who run on electricity), and the Stinky Robots help save the day. This visually appealing story instills in children an appreciation for the things and people that are often forgotten or ignored.

Matt and Elijah have recruited some of the finest artistic talent in the world to help create a fully realized world of cute, engaging and exciting robot characters.  Each artist originated a Stinky Robot or FutuRobot, or both, and then developed each character by imbuing them with unique skills and personality. 

The Stinky Robots book is nearly ready for publication, but authors Matt and Elijah would like to include the public in this exciting project. They have begun a Kickstarter campaign so that the thousands of dollars they have already invested in paying artists and the funds necessary to bring this project to fruition can be acquired.  Contributors will receive a variety of perks including copies of the book as well as the “limited edition” artist prints. To learn more about Stinky Robots  or make a financial contribution, please visit

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